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Social Media for Business: A Marketer’s Guide

If your small business isn’t on social media, you could be missing out on significant value, including new customers, insights into your brand, and audience and engagement opportunities with customers and competitors alike. Plus, social media can be a highly cost-effective way of reaching your customers in

Young people more optimistic about the world than older generations – Unicef

Young people are often seen as having a bleak worldview, plugged uncritically into social media and anxious about the climate crisis, among other pressing issues. But a global study commissioned by the UN’s children’s agency, Unicef, appears to turn that received wisdom on its head. It paints a picture

Essential Tools — Social Media

If you’ve been reading the news headlines about social media for the last few years, you may be tempted to think: Merely opening a Twitter account will triple your revenue this year You’re only one blog post away from a guest spot on Oprah If you build

What Is Social Media?

Social media is a phrase we throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. So you can infer that social media are web-based sites that allow people to interact with each other. But if we use

How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?

Facebook has delayed the development of an Instagram app for children amid questions about its harmful effects on young people’s mental health. Does social media have an impact on your well-being? What is your relationship with social media like? Which platforms do you spend the most time

Facebook’s ‘Meta’ Name Change Has Also Sparked the Beginning of its New Effort to Win Back the Youth

Can Facebook win back younger users, and re-establish itself as the connective platform of choice moving forward? It’s no secret that Facebook has lost ground to TikTok and Snapchat among younger audiences, which trends have indicated for some time, and which was officially confirmed as part of

Priyanka Chopra Wishes Parineeti On Birthday With Throwback Gold

. Happy birthday, Parineeti Chopra. The actress, who turns a year older today, is being flooded with wishes and posts from friends and fans. And, one of the most special wishes came from Parineeti Chopra’s cousin, actress Priyanka Chopra. On this occasion, the Fashion actress has shared two photos from

WhatsApp may lead India’s next payment revolution, but what’s stopping it?

Money is many things, but it’s not fake news. So why block WhatsApp from spreading it around? India is the laboratory of choice for Western tech firms to test out their mobile payment capabilities so they can be rolled out from Bangladesh to Nigeria. Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg entered the fray two years ago by

Social media unites and divides us. How should we respond?

As people all over the country protest the police killing of George Floyd, social media has become the medium for amplifying marginalized voices, organizing and reporting events. It’s also where President Donald Trump and other politicians are responding. But in just the past few days, Twitter has

Opinion | A public campaign could tackle the ills of social media

Most of us, at some point of time, have experienced the perils of unbridled online content. It’s a problem with almost every widely-used medium of communication—the internet, television and social media. Even if we dislike the chatter we witness, we cannot curb people’s freedom of speech. Inflammatory