Talk about marketing on social media and Instagram is one platform that you cannot ignore. Instagram changed the social media landscape with its content curating features- Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and so on. The platform has been ruling the marketing world with its newly added features and updates. Initially, no one ever thought that Instagram would surpass the popularity of Facebook but now brand marketers rank Instagram as the most important platform to market on.

Instagram users are always on the lookout for new content and the platform heavily works on trends. The pandemic increased the screen time of most people around the globe and this benefitted Instagram on many levels. The lockdown increased the scrolling time and also gave rise to many new content creators and users. After the TikTok ban in India, Instagram smartly launched Reels which further increased its domination in the social media sphere. Well, needless to say, Instagram is a must-have platform for all marketers out there who want to increase their reach.

In this blog, we will focus on one very interesting aspect of Instagram and that is Instagram stories highlights.

Right from what are Instagram stories highlights to why they are important, we shall give you details on everything! Already hooked? Let’s begin.

What are Instagram Stories Highlights?

As we all know, stories on Instagram last for 24 hours only. With the help of highlights, you can save these stories forever on your profile. Highlights are the stories you uploaded and saved. You can view the highlights on your profile. When you go to your profile, you will see a small circle on the far left titled New. Tap on the same and select the stories from your archive you want to save on your highlight.

Users can change the cover of the highlight to express their content creatively. Moreover, you can also name the highlights as per your liking.

Apart from your Instagram posts, highlights are a way to display your most interesting content to your followers.

(Remember! In case, you don’t want to miss out on your important stories, make sure to turn on Auto Archive feature for your stories. This way all your stories will be saved in the Instagram cloud and you can easily create your highlights too!)

Don’t know how to ‘Auto Archive’ your stories? Worry not and follow these simple steps mentioned below-

  • Go to your Instagram Setting
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Story
  • Scroll down and turn on the ‘Save Story To Archive’ option

Steps To Create Highlights On Your Profile

We already told you how stories on Instagram need to be archived in order to put them into highlights. Now let’s proceed towards creating a highlight for your profile.

  • First, go to your profile
  • Find the small circle on the far left
  • Tap on the circle and you will be able to view all your saved stories
  • Choose the stories you want to add in the highlight
  • Select a cover for that particular highlight (The cover can either be an image from your gallery or one of your stories)
  • Give a title to your highlight so that the audience knows what the highlight is about

With the help of these above-mentioned simple steps, you will be able to create highlights on Instagram without any fuss!

Now that we know how to create highlights on Instagram, let’s understand their significance in Instagram marketing. Having an Instagram story post is like a norm for most marketers. But what is it about highlights that sets it apart from the other features? Let’s find out.

Significance of Instagram Stories Highlights

  • Gives a deeper insight into your profile

As we all know Instagram allows limited information in its bio. Highlights can be of great help in this case. The placement of the highlights is right below the bio which means it is readily visible as soon as a user lands on your profile on Instagram. The highlights can help them know more about you as a brand. The highlights give them a glimpse of what kind of content you post and what you offer to your audience. This helps users decide better.

  • Gives you an opportunity to tell your brand story

Brands and businesses have made optimum use of highlights by conveying their brand story through them. Choose all your best Instagram stories that reflect your brand personality in some way or the other. This can be a dedicated highlight on your Instagram profile. Stories do not have a long shelf life but with the help of highlights, you can choose your best stories and keep them in the eye of the users. This helps you weave a brand story in the minds of the audience!

  • Gives users a gist of your best story updates

Highlights showcase the best stories that you want to share with your audience. Brands that often post stories can use the highlight feature to segregate their important content from the rest. This will also help users understand where your brand focus is. Moreover, they will get a good first impression through your highlights which can do wonders for your brand.

Instagram story highlights can surely uplift the look and feel of your profile. To help you make the most of this feature, let’s check out how you can use this feature optimally.

Ways To Use Instagram Stories Highlights To Impress Your Followers

 1. Highlight what’s crucial for your brand

Brands and businesses can create highlights that convey crucial information to the users like contact information, list of products and services, vacancies, and so on. Brands often have an ‘About Us’ section too in their Instagram story highlights.

 2. Highlight the topics and events important to your brand

With the help of highlights, you can showcase the most important stories of your brand that are about important topics and events. Right from product launches to milestones achieved, brands have highlights for every crucial event and topic. This also gives a glimpse of your portfolio to your followers and other users. Suppose, you managed to launch a viral campaign, you can create a highlight to showcase the same.

 3. Highlight your achievements and client reviews

Posting client reviews on your feed is the thing of the past. Highlights are the best way to showcase these aspects of your business. Be it client reviews or achievements, creating a highlight for the same can help you gain a lot of trust. Highlights like these can build brand credibility.

 4. Highlight your influencer campaigns

Brands are active with influencer campaigns on Instagram. More often than not, brands put up stories on the platform and try to gain engagement but users tend to forget the story content because of its short shelf life. This is where Instagram stories highlights can come to your rescue. Club all your influencer stories into one highlight and you’re good to go!

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 5. Highlight tips, tricks, and how-to guides

Want to make it easier for the user to browse through your works? Create a dedicated highlight for all the stories that were created to help the followers. Suppose, you posted a story on makeup tips, put the same in your highlight and watch your followers and users engage with the same. Such highlights can also help in increasing your follower base.

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