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The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Image Sizes – 2016 Edition [Infographic]

As you’re no doubt aware, images are a huge part of Facebook, and the most important part of Instagram. Getting your images just right is a huge factor when it comes to success on these platforms – in fact, image posts can result in up to 120% more shares than non-image posts,

Facebook to Overhaul U.K. Tax Setup, Pay ‘Millions of Pounds’ More

Facebook will restructure its tax setup in the U.K., leading to millions of pounds of additional taxes, the company announced on Friday. The social media giant was panned last year when it was revealed that its 2014 U.K. tax bill was only 4,327 pounds ($6,128), the result

3 Simple Online Errors Killing Your Business

With all the challenges your business already faces – competitors in your field, changing marketplaces, etc. – the last thing you want is to fail over something simple and solvable. Here are a few online errors to avoid – or fix, as the case may be: <!–break–>

Twitter Provides Tips on How Brands Can Use Twitter Polls

Back in October, Twitter introduced a new feature called Twitter Polls, which, as the name implies, enables you to poll your Twitter audience on any topic you see fit. Initially, polls were restricted to 24 hours and two possible responses on each poll for users to select,

13 Must-Know Tips For a Successful Facebook Business Page

Millions of businesses have flocked to Facebook to promote their brand, services – just this week, The Social Network announced that it now has over 3 million active advertisers. Facebook company Pages are an easy, cost-effective way to get your name out there – but with so many brands

4 to Use Messaging to Enhance the Customer Experience

Have you considered the role direct messaging might be able to play in your customer service process? If your company is new to business messaging, the practice is a simple, yet new and ripe one. There are now over 3 billion active messaging accounts worldwide, and businesses like

How Does Big Data Change Social Media Marketing Strategies

The amount of data businesses have today to analyze and utilize is unprecedented, and it’s literally growing every second. With so much data available, some businesses don’t quite know what to do—but there’s one avenue it can be applied to that can change everything: social media marketing.

Exclusive: Hootsuite’s Content & Social Strategy

As an economics graduate from Vancouver, Roger Graham, Hootsuite’s Director of Marketing for the APAC region, has had an exciting career working for start-ups, professional marketing companies and working for global corporations. He joined Hootsuite in 2013 and recently moved to Singapore. Roger shared some insider info on Hootsuite’s social and content

NBA Scores the Top U.S. Brand on Social Last Week

  For the week of February 22, 2016 – February 28, 2016, U.S. brands captured 1.4 billion likes, shares, comments and retweets on content published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Powered by Shareablee data, the top U.S. brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for each respective industry