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Govt Asks Universities To Track Students’ Social Media Amid CAA Protests

With students taking to the streets to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has taken upon itself to put a full stop to the situation once and for all by asking the educational institutions to step in. According

12 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

The last decade has seen social media solidify into thriving, multifaceted communities where more than 3.2 billion people worldwide are active daily. More than 90 percent of millennials regularly use at least one of these platforms, and more than 85 percent of Generation Zers learn about new products through social media. It’s not

Filmmakers sue State Department over social media surveillance rules

A group of filmmakers have sued the US government for making visa applicants hand over details about their social media accounts. The lawsuit argues that the requirement unconstitutionally discourages applicants from speaking online — and, conversely, discourages people who post political speech from trying to enter the US. The

A Threat To Democracy? What Social Media Has Done To Us

From The Reading List The Atlantic: “The Dark Psychology of Social Networks” — “Suppose that the biblical story of Creation were true: God created the universe in six days, including all the laws of physics and all the physical constants that apply throughout the universe. Now imagine that

Over 260 cops keep an eagle eye on social media

LUCKNOW: A team of over a dozen tech-savvy policemen, headed by a woman deputy superintendent of police, at the Signature Building headquarters of the UP Police had a key job to do over the weekend —monitoring the social media round the clock. Along with over 250 personnel

Social network Mastodon is trending in India; should Twitter worry?

  “I hear Mastodon is becoming popular in India now, that’s great news. Welcome everyone,” is the first post that greets your eye as you sign into Mastodon Social. This is the post of @Gargon aka Eugen Rochko, the 26-year-old German-born coder who founded the Internet mammal

How social media makes or breaks a company in crisis

A contributing factor of customer loyalty involves how a company responds to crisis situations, a Crisp report found. With the proliferation of social media, news of a crisis can spread quickly, impacting consumer perceptions and company reputations. Companies must adequately prepare themselves for how to handle difficult

Here’s The Mantra You Should Use to Run All Social Media Platforms

White Hash Symbol Shape on Wooden Floor Against Blue Wall with Copyspace 3D Illustration Social media is not just a numbers game. It’s also not about a robot finding followers or even going viral. In the end, every company big or small has to learn the basic

Paul Berton: People have lots to say on social media but less so when it really counts

While the last Canadian election in 2015 saw the highest turnout since 1993 at 68.5 per cent, the one before it in 2011 saw the third lowest in history at only 61.4 per cent. – The Canadian Press file photo When a caller recently ranted to me

New-Age Social Media Apps Disrupting The Traditional Ecosystem

With new-age social media apps cementing their position among the top five most downloaded apps globally, a remarkable behavioural shift can be observed in the way millennials spend their time online. Though, it’s too early to profess if such apps will be able to emerge as a strong contender