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WhatsApp may lead India’s next payment revolution, but what’s stopping it?

Money is many things, but it’s not fake news. So why block WhatsApp from spreading it around? India is the laboratory of choice for Western tech firms to test out their mobile payment capabilities so they can be rolled out from Bangladesh to Nigeria. Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg entered the fray two years ago by

Social media unites and divides us. How should we respond?

As people all over the country protest the police killing of George Floyd, social media has become the medium for amplifying marginalized voices, organizing and reporting events. It’s also where President Donald Trump and other politicians are responding. But in just the past few days, Twitter has

Opinion | A public campaign could tackle the ills of social media

Most of us, at some point of time, have experienced the perils of unbridled online content. It’s a problem with almost every widely-used medium of communication—the internet, television and social media. Even if we dislike the chatter we witness, we cannot curb people’s freedom of speech. Inflammatory

Computing Device Operating System Market upcoming business reports on size, shares, stocks and many more | forecasting report 2026

“Computing Device Operating System Market” 2020 Report incorporates of robust research of global business which empowers the purchaser to observe the feasible requirement as well as foresee the implementation. The restraints and drivers have been assembled following a deep take a look at of the global Computing

The most powerful Raspberry Pi now has 8GB of RAM

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has doubled the maximum amount of RAM available in the Raspberry Pi 4 to 8GB with a new device it’s selling for $75. To take advantage of the RAM increase, the foundation is also releasing a new 64-bit version of its operating system

Pandemic, policing and role of social media

In the past few weeks, social media in India has emerged as a vital platform of communication between the government and citizens. In addition to sending out pandemic-related updates through various news platforms, governments today can share information directly with people. During the lockdown, social media platforms

WhatsApp helps Himachal farmers amid lockdown

SHIMLA: The positive impact of the lockdown, enforced to contain the coronavirus spread, is visible in the agricultural fields and orchards of Himachal Pradesh where almost 80 per cent of rural households possess some land. The state Agriculture Department has seen the lockdown period as an opportunity

Plea in Delhi HC seeks removal of illegal groups on social media platforms for children’s safety.

NEW DELHI : The Delhi High court on Tuesday sought response from Centre on a plea seeking directions to it to direct social media companies to remove illegal groups on their platforms for the safety and security of children in cyberspace. The plea alleges that social media

Remote desktop software: 8 enterprise-friendly IT support tools

For many companies, IT support has typically meant a member of the help desk walking over to an employee’s desk and looking over their shoulder to fix any problems, or a quick one-to-one connection between an IT staffer and a remote office employee. With a majority of

Windows 10X might not be the revolutionary dual-screen operating system we first thought

Windows 10X might have been conceived as an operating system for dual-screen devices, but it’ll be arriving on traditional single-screen laptops first, Microsoft has confirmed – raising fresh questions and concerns about exactly how the OS might pan out, and whether it could initially disappoint. As you