Sony's smartphone division is up 25% YoY for Q2 2021

Sony is clearly very proud of its new Xperia Pro-I and is enjoying it thoroughly and with good reason. The Xperia Pro-I is honestly more akin to a professional tool, like a DSLR than a general-purpose smartphone and it makes sense to treat it as such, giving it to creators to experiment with and give feedback on. That’s exactly what Sony has been doing since the phone’s announcement. After what was a great initial burst of highly-informative hardware and feature explanation and demo videos, the Japanese giant has now started to put out more “experience” style coverage for the Xperia Pro-I. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a few spare minutes and are at all interested in the current state of mobile photography.

Takashi Namiki – a natural world photographer does an amazing job of showcasing most of the highlight photography features and aspects of the Xperia Pro-I in an interview format, complete with plenty of high-quality sample shots.

In case you missed Sony’s firs batch on more technical showcases, linked above, the main attraction on the Xperia Pro-I is the giant 1″-Type 20MP main camera, with a dual aperture system (f/2.0 and f/4.0), large 2.4µm pixel pitch, high dynamic range, and real-time object tracking.

If videography is more your thing, Sony has you covered too, with a whole slew of features and an in-depth and powerful cinematic capture mode in particular. The just-recently published “Rabbit Hole” vlog-style short below is a great showcase.

And if you are into that sort of content, you should definitely check out our own, in-house project shot with the Cinema Pro app on the Xperia Pro-I. We made sure to upload our video in 4K to really give you the full picture. And we also have a pretty in-depth writeup on the videography aspects of the device to go along.

Last, but not least, filmmaker and director Philip Bloom as well as YouTube creator Sara Dietschy also shared their thoughts, experiences and some video footage from the Xperia Pro-I, which you can check out in the following playlist.