When we in India are so often divided due to our differences, there is one game that really binds us and that game sure is rummy. It is a game that has a magic effect on its players. When four strangers start playing the game together, they start to know each other, know how each think and know how to plan moves accordingly. It is not often easy to gauge the next person’s thoughts and that is what often causes a divide. But a game of rummy can have a completely different effect.

Be It Diwali or Ramzan, Rummy Card Game is Always Welcome

We often hear of the vast differences in culture that divide people in India and topping the list is surely religion. However, be it any festivity, a round of rummy card game is welcomed with equal gusto. People who are not experts in the game too, enjoy learning a new game. The rules of the game do not take a lifetime to learn. This makes the game popular in most get-togethers. When people gather for a Ramzan feast or a Diwali family gathering, they do not forget to carry the deck of cards along.

From North to South, Rummy Has Its Footprint Everywhere

In India, the culture and lifestyle in the North of India is very different from the South of India. The languages and the lifestyles too differ greatly. Yet, there are a few things that bind the people and bring them together like food, festivity and of course, Indian Rummy. This is the most common variation of the rummy game played in India. The game could be played between as few as two players and as many as six or seven players with just a change in the number of decks used or the number of cards distributed per person.

Young or Old, Rummy Can Be Played by All

Rummy is a fun game that is very easy to grasp. This means that people of different ages can easily learn to play rummy. The rules of the game are simple and easy to comprehend. Anyone with basic organising skills and the knowledge of cards can learn to play rummy quickly. This is yet another reason why people who don’t even speak the same language can get to know each other through rummy.

Make the Party Fun with a Game of Rummy

Now since you are well aware how popular rummy is in India, don’t just keep it to yourself. It is fun to play rummy online on KhelplayRummy and make a few quick points. Yet, it is definitely more fun to simply call up your friends and organise a fun party.

Make sure you have some yummy quick bites and interesting beverages to accompany the food. When everyone is home and needs to pass time, get the deck of cards and start playing rummy. Explain how to play rummy and once you are sure everyone has grasped the rules, start playing. This is a great way to make the whole experience of rummy card game even more fun.