When you play rummy for the first time with someone, there are some ways to distinguish expert players from others. Here we have listed out some of the common traits of expert rummy games’ players that easily distinguishes them from newbies. Use the below listed tips and see if you can find out the experts in your groups:

He Will Arrange Cards as soon as He Receives Them

A good player knows the importance of being organised in the Indian rummy game. That is why as soon as the dealer distributes the cards, an expert player will first see whether the hand is worth playing. If it is a decent hand, he will organise the cards in a peculiar fashion with cards to be disposed at extreme end of the hand and jokers to the other extreme. In the middle, sequences and sets are arranged in proper order.

He Will Have A Keen Eye on the Disposed Pile

An expert player of rummy knows that the cards disposed by the opponent give a hint as to what cards the opponent holds and what sequences he plans to make. This is the reason why a good rummy player will always have a keen eye on the disposed pile. He will be trying to analyse the moves of the opponent and then will plan his moves in accordance.

He May Even Dispose of the Jokers

A good rummy player is mature. He knows that simply stocking the jokers is not going to help him. That is why he will always keep life as his priority. He may even dispose off jokers if they pose a hindrance in creating the natural sequence. He may even use pulled-out jokers as part of the natural sequence. He will prepare melds or sets only when his life is ready.

He Will Never Reveal Happiness or Sorrow While Picking Cards

Just as a good rummy player knows that observing the opponent is important, he also knows that he is being observed by the opponent. That is why he will make it a point never to express his true emotions when he picks up cards from the deck. You cannot make out whether he is happy or sad at receiving a card because he is sure to maintain a neutral expression in either case.

He Will Pass If He Thinks the Hand is Bad

A mature player of rummy online or offline knows the risks of holding onto a bad hand. That is why he assesses his hand as soon as the dealer deals the cards. If he thinks that the hand is not worth playing, he will willingly pay the penalty and quit the game.

In rare cases, after the game starts, the player does not get any good cards. Even at this point, an expert player may quit honourably rather than lose the game miserably. This is a clear way to distinguish between regular players and experts.

Rummy is a game of skills. An expert player follows a proper order to ensure victory. If you ask him how to play rummy, he will guide you through the following stages:

  • First arrange the cards in a proper order and analyse whether the hand is worth playing
  • Keep creating the life as the top priority
  • After the life is formed, go ahead and make sets as you reduce waste points
  • Always observe the cards disposed by opponent keenly
  • Never pick from disposed pile unless it is helping you make your life

Following the above guidelines will help you win rummy tournaments against amateurs easily.