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Lindsey Vonn responds to social media attacks: “I haven’t changed my mind”

The social media onslaught against Lindsey Vonn doesn’t seem to be bothering the U.S. Alpine skiing star. After Vonn failed to medal in the super-G last week, a slew of posts by supporters of President Trump, often using profane or threatening language, celebrated the result. “I always

Social media challenge puts four German men in hospital

Four middle-aged men from southeastern Germany were rushed to the hospital on Sunday after a social media stunt had gone awry. The men, all aged between 31 and 67, are coworkers at a small company in Tannheim, in Germany’s Black Forest region. They were participating in an

Condé Nast Italia Unveils First Social Media Editorial Project

MILAN — Condé Nast Italia is launching a new editorial project — and it’s entirely social and platform-free. Called LISA — an acronym for love, inspire, share and advise — it will be unveiled this evening in Milan with a special event at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler. “It’s

Advertisers warn social media to step up, or they’re out

Trust in what we read online is eroding quickly, and social media and “Big Tech” are facing blame. It’s even reaching a tipping point for advertisers, who are threatening to pull their ad dollars from the digital domain unless things change — fast. “Consumers don’t trust what they see online.” That was a central

Alleged social media threat involving Whitefish Bay Middle School reported

Whitefish Bay School District officials were notified Friday morning, Feb. 16 of an alleged social media threat involving a Whitefish Bay Middle School student and “a school.” At this time, the Whitefish Bay Police Department is working with the Whitefish Bay Public Schools in determining the existence and

Local students and law enforcement react to use of social media during shooting

Social media is changing how we see an active shooter situation unfold. As we saw on Wednesday, students used social media to show in real time what it was like barricaded in classrooms, hiding from a shooter on campus. “People are utilizing social media before or in

School safety and social media awareness

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – The deadly school shooting in Florida has started another national discussion about social media awareness and responsibility after it was revealed the alleged shooter made disturbing and violent comments online that went overlooked or ignored. “Mostly everything online is, sometimes, mostly is a

Must-Know Social Media Strategies For Real Estate Agents In 2018

Without tools, human would have ended up in the same graveyard as dinosaurs. Instead, we put footprints on the moon. And I have to hand it to real estate agents — they’ve been pretty good at utilizing a variety of tools. I know they’ve broken in their


Instagram accounts reported to be those of suspected Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz have shown the 19-year-old had a long-standing obsession with guns and referred to himself as the “annihilator.” Images from a now-deleted social media account, the validity of which Cruz’s classmates confirmed to the Miami Herald, show the teenager, accused

Zexit rules social media

With a combined viewing of over 675-billion‚ President Jacob Zuma’s exit was the biggest story to hit South African social media. It even dwarfed online activity on Oscar Pistorius. Zuma and the blade runner both broke the internet on Valentine’s Day‚ five years apart. Internationally 40% of