Letter to the editor

Our country is based on the foundation of freedom of religion, speech and the press. Everyone’s ideas have equal value and are judged on their own merit by each of us individually.

Social media is becoming a dominant way of communicating ideas that shape our society. The administrators of social media are placing themselves as arbiters of acceptable information. They are beginning to censor what they consider unacceptable information. We are currently in a very critical period of life-changing events. There has been much confusion of information in all things related to COVID-19. Our actions in relation to the guidelines given by our government leaders should always be peaceful and supportive. But, access to full information about the pandemic is vital to protecting our freedoms as well as our health.

The same censoring in print and news media has been with us for a while, but not as noticeably. We need to stand firm in our desire for full information and a balanced view of the circumstances that are affecting our daily lives. Freedom of information has made our country strong and the citizens capable. Our government is only as strong and fair as the people who support it. We have the example of those countries who don’t offer the same level of freedom. Please let social media administrators know that we question their actions.

source: deseret