Introducing Ask SMT | Social Media TodayThe goal of Social Media Today has always been to be an open platform where peers can share their ideas and lessons learned in the world of social and digital marketing. We understand the need for ‘real-world examples’ and individual experiences with social platform updates. But up until now it’s been difficult to ask questions of the community and participate in an open dialogue around topics like “what makes a good social media profile” or “what’s the best way to handle customer complaints on social.”

So today we’re launching a program that should answer all of your  burning social media and marketing questions. We’ve pooled together the top contributors in the community to create the “SMT influencers” – a group already consistently informing and impressing the community – and will be putting your questions directly to them for unique insight and varied tips. We encourage everyone to ask questions about anything social, and we’ll put them to the community and our panel.  You can add your thoughts directly through the comments or share them with us and we’ll post follow-ups.

What can you expect?

See our first question “What’s the biggest opportunity in social media marketing right now?” answered by our panel.

Have a Question?

You can submit your questions a few different ways: Email us at [email protected], post your question to us on Twitter or Facebook (be sure to use #AskSMT) or drop a note in the comments section on the site.

Want to become an Influencer?

We are keeping an eye out for standout content that is consistently created and shared. So apply to be a contributor and get writing! For tips on what makes a stellar blog post see SMT’s Blogging Guide.

Curious about the community?

We’re excited to introduce you to Patrick Sutton, our new community manager, dedicated to answering your questions about the SMT community, garnering feedback, and keeping us on pace to be the best social media news community around. Feel free to reach out to Patrick at [email protected]!

[Source: Social media today]