Social Media A need for growth

Social media is still a relatively new concept as people are still discovering its impact. Though the influence of various social media platforms has been discussed over the years, its intensity remains to be fully understood.

Among billions of social media users in the world, studies show that approximately 90% active users fall between the age group of 18-29 years. The increasing presence of these platforms has shifted the gears of our lives quite remarkably, exposing us to a powerful world of edited and programmed reality.

At the same time, social media has also become a lucrative medium that creates platform for inspiration, idea sharing and creating communities with similar interests. Though social media possesses a Jekyll and Hyde character, the outcome is solely determined by how well we maintain the ‘net etiquette’ while being online.

My City’s Sonam Lama talked to students of Rehdon College so as to gather youths’ perspective on social media and its impact.

Bijesh Adhikari

Social media has been of much help to students. As students, we are always curios to learn new things, and at the same time be updated on contemporary issues and happenings. Social media platforms have bridged the information gap. Considering both positive and negative aspects of being associated with the online world, I believe that social media is a major breakthrough that has influenced us – sometimes even in unpleasant ways.

Aashish Thapa

The role of social media has gained me an easy access to the outer world. As it is a source for unlimited knowledge, I believe that social media is not only a medium to socialize, but also a platform to voice our thoughts and unleash our uncommon perception. Although there might be a dozen demerits of social media that we need to deal with, I think its effects completely depend on the users and how they extract the best out of it.

Bhisma Bhatta

We must understand that social media has both positive and negative aspects. Apparently, it is the users that are provided with the wit to make things work at their best interest. For me, such platforms have been a source of learning. I invest my time surfing online whenever I want to learn about contemporary issues on politics, science and economy. Even during my exams, I tend to search additional notes online in order to groom my level of knowledge and understanding.

Sukman BC

For me being online on a daily basis has invited many positive changes. Having acknowledged that social media poses various threats, we have to be prepared when dealing with the risks. Meanwhile, I think social media has contributed to run a simple and easier living. It has been my cheap and easy source of information. With internet shrinking the world into a global village, social media has actively been a mediator to connect people, express and share thoughts, enhance knowledge and interact with a diverse community.

Niharika Tiwari

Though social media is basically used as a means of communication, its usage is not just limited to socialize. It is also a medium to share our opinions and voice our thoughts. There is no doubt that social media will offer a different leaning experience if used in classrooms whenever the lessons become monotonous. Moreover, social media entertains and intensifies our way of learning things. It is also one of the best ways to have a listen at people’s opinions from around the world. I would say social media platforms have benefitted me in multiple ways.

Sakuna Pahari

We are immediately informed about the world’s popular events and news through social media. There are numerous social media platform these days that rule our smart phones. Many cases of cyber crimes have been filed around the world, which I think is a result of the user’s misdemeanor. However, every user can make the most out of social media if they use it in a productive and positive manner.

Dipti Acharya

Multi-tasking is what today’s youths are experts on, and social media adds a tinge of recreation in our mostly occupied lives. Social media, on that note, contributes to releasing stress in a healthy way. However, the fact that such platforms breed various crimes should not be avoided, and it thus becomes crucial for the users to gain proper knowledge and etiquettes on using social media.

Shanti Sharma

Social media has been ruling our world as it is easily accessible and affordable. With advancements speeding in a faster pace, it is obvious for people to seek the most effective and easy means of communication. This longing has been possible due to the availability of social media, which serves well just through a few clicks. Moreover, with the multiple functions of social media serving everyone regardless of age, sex and creed, I believe it is likely to rule for a long time further.

Smriti Regmi

Unlike the one-way communication that other media platforms have been providing, social media engages the users in two-way communication. This enhances interaction among users, and makes social media different from tradition forms of media. The multiple social media platforms help users learn, express and share a sense of mutual belonging.

Pradeep Phuyal

Social media has become an inevitable part of our lives in terms of connectivity and communication. Since the sensation of virtual world has occupied our lives, I think it would be better for us if we only think of using it whenever required. The virtual world gained through social media should be rightly balanced so that it does not interfere with our real world.

Roshni Karki

Today’s youth have grown quite competent in every matter. As a higher secondary student, I find social media important to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a liberal manner. Meanwhile, social media also provides us the platform to become active in both verbal and non-verbal manners. The usage of social media can distract us only if we are ready to get distracted.