United States' Lindsey Vonn after completing women's downhill training at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The social media onslaught against Lindsey Vonn doesn’t seem to be bothering the U.S. Alpine skiing star.

After Vonn failed to medal in the super-G last week, a slew of posts by supporters of President Trump, often using profane or threatening language, celebrated the result.

“I always try to remember that it’s people talking behind a computer and they’re going to say anything,” Vonn said Monday after her second downhill training run at the Jeongseon Alpine Center.

“There’s going to be people who hate me and hope I ski off a cliff and die. But that’s fine. I’m not going to do that. And, you know, I just take it for what it is. At some point you have to laugh and say, ‘This is completely ridiculous.’”

Her skiing didn’t draw the social media ire, but rather comments she made during an interview with CNN in December that were critical of the Trump administration. She also said she would “absolutely not” visit Trump’s White House if she won a gold medal.

Vonn had the third-fastest training time Monday — she didn’t go all-out — in advance of Wednesday’s final where she is the favorite.

She doesn’t plan to adjust her social media use — or political beliefs.

“I haven’t changed my mind,” Vonn said.