DDMSPLUS from ECi Software Solutions is a complete, cloud-based business management solution for dealers looking to manage complex product lines and grow their e-commerce offering. It includes sales, purchasing, inventory, contracts, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, accounting and reporting capabilities. Being cloud-based, it’s accessible from any location, is always backed up and provides an increased level of data protection.

DDMSPLUS includes credit card processing, delivery tracking and optimisation, website expansion, predictive email services to target abandoned carts and can recommend complementary products to existing purchases.

Red Falcon, meanwhile, is designed for smaller dealers that need a business management system with e-commerce capabilities. Cloud-based, it features back-office management, point-of-sale for retail, integrated credit card processing, ordering and inventory tracking, plus built-in CRM with advanced analytics.

Additional capabilities help dealers promote their SEO rankings and enhance the e-commerce experience, with customised emails that encourage sales.

Find out more: www.ecisolutions.com

Online marketing

Fortune Web Marketing is an online marketing services agency that works closely with many software providers in the office products industry. Founded in 2008, its areas of expertise include search engine marketing, web design, social media, email marketing, content marketing and strategic consulting.

The company’s strategies constantly adapt to the changing OP industry landscape and the ever-evolving world of online marketing. They are driven by the latest trends in SEO and social media, together with the continuing technological shifts by giants such as Google and Facebook.

Fortune Web Marketing’s core aim is to drive brand awareness, leads and online sales, but it also covers everything from print to web design and branding. The company primarily caters for small to medium-sized businesses, in the traditional OP as well as the office furniture and jan/san sectors.

Find out more: www.fortunewebmarketing.com

OP-24/7 shopping cart

GOPD’s OP-24/7 Shopping Cart system was designed specifically for office products dealers. The company has been working closely with dealers and wholesalers since 2005 to develop a user-friendly cart, designed to provide shoppers with the tools they need to research, browse and buy products quickly and easily. The system also helps dealers automate their business with extensive back office functions tailored to fit their specific requirements.

GOPD continuously adds new functionality to its system, and flexibility in the program means dealers can pick and choose what works best for their business. Recent features include increased cart customisation options, hosted work servers, domain hosting, SEO, and an enhanced mobile-friendly cart. GOPD offers an extensive interface to QuickBooks and the ability to interface with other accounting systems.

Find out more: www.gopd.com

Logicblock eCommerce

The Logicblock eCommerce platform was first launched in 2007, but has undergone significant updates since then. The software aims to remove the restrictions that prevent online dealers from growing in a rapidly-changing technological landscape. It provides a full website and and e-commerce, cloud-based solution that integrates with the largest wholesale distributors over a range of different sectors, including the OP, industrial, educational and safety categories.

Logicblock’s user interface incorporates an SEO-friendly, mobile-ready storefront that is considered to be a B2X (ie B2B and B2C) solution since it can be tailored to work with any type of online shopper.

The back-end solution transmits orders electronically using two-way communication paths for processing orders, shipping and product inventory, and has the flexibility to integrate with other software solutions.

Find out more: www.logicblock.com

Prima Edge & Prima Cloud

SSI has two software packages aimed at the North American office products industry – SSI Edge and SSI Web. The former is the company’s new dealer business system, the successor to its SSIop system and a complete solution for managing the back office efficiently.

SSI Edge is a fully graphical product that provides OP dealers with an efficient business flow and runs on a modern, open-source platform. Released in 2018, the software has already received a number of upgrades and new features thanks to SSI’s aggressive development schedule. SSI Edge also interfaces with a number of different marketing and business analysis tools, including Remarkety, ZOHO reports, Zapier, Sugar CRM and BPM Online.

SSI Web, meanwhile, is a B2B web store that integrates with SSI Edge. It’s SEO-optimised and has features that allow dealers to compete with the big e-commerce sites, together with the tools to help them sell the products that make them the most profit. It also has a responsive design so it’s compatible with mobile devices. Like the company’s dealer software, SSI Web is continuously updated to provide the features required to keep dealers competitive.

Find out more: www.ssiop.com


VibeNET – Thalerus’ cloud-based business management software solution – has been providing a time and cost-saving operating environment matched with leading-edge technology for over 18 years.

While some other software companies require a dealer to purchase a separate accounting system, VibeNET’s robust, comprehensive and built-in accounting system integrates with all modules. Additionally, its ‘Company Location’ dealer management tool handles billing, accounting and customer service functions for multiple companies under a single business brand.

The fulfilment module uses a seamless supply chain developed to leverage offerings from multiple wholesalers. Dealers set parameters that allows the supply chain to make decisions on which wholesaler to buy from based on price, availability and proximity in an entirely automated process.

Dealers and Thalerus developers have collaborated to provide a ‘Sales’ module that’s underpinned by flexible customer contracts and powerful product search tools. To further enhance sales, resellers can use product volume discounts, a rewards program, coupons and SEO.

Thalerus’ web store gives dealers the tools to tailor the design and functionality of their e-commerce site – customising its look to support their brand – and create additional company pages, promotions and other messaging.