3 software tools to streamline your freelance writing career

If you’re a freelance writer, you already know that you need the best tools and software to help you succeed in your craft. We’re talking about tools that can help streamline day to day work, as well as save time and money. That way, you can do what you do best ⁠— focus on growing as a freelance writer.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily spend more time researching tools than actually being productive and writing. But what if you could have the best tools and software all in one place — with real reviews from other users that help you compare software quick and easy? You would save a lot of time and probably avoid an unnecessary headache.

The good news is that the days of researching each software individually are over with the help of Capterra. Dedicated to simplifying software for freelancers and small businesses, Capterra is the place to go to simplify the software selection process and get access to the tools you need. As a user and fan, Kim recommends Capterra to quickly compare software so you can find the one that’s best for you. Here are 3 software tools that are must-haves for the freelance writer.

1. Effective task management software to help you keep track

With all of the deadlines, clients and writing projects you have to juggle you can easily lose track and drop the ball on an important project. With the effective task management software like Trello or Monday.com, you can visually keep score on where you are in the cycle of a project. You can update the status of a writing project to “in review” or “working on it” and you could see the status of all of your projects in one easy-to-manage dashboard. Capterra makes it easy to compare features of each of the task management options so you can easily choose the right one that works for you.

2. Cloud storage system to securely backup and sync all your writing projects

A dedicated secure backup storage solution can be a much-needed tool for a freelance writer. As a writer, you probably use multiple devices to work on your writing projects, and you probably work on them during different times of the day and at different locations. Wouldn’t it be nice to not only have the latest file version instantly sync to all of your devices, but also have a copy of the last 10 revisions in case you accidentally rewrite or delete a working file?

With an all-one-cloud backup and storage solution such as IDrive, you can back up your files to the cloud and access your files on all of your devices under ONE easy to manage the account. Syncing and backing up files can be a breeze with the right cloud storage solution.

3. Accounting software to keep tabs on invoicing

Busy freelance writers sometimes overlook the importance of keeping good financial records and keeping track of invoices. This is a big mistake that could derail your freelance writing career. You don’t have to be a math wizard to know what payments are coming in and what expenses are going out, but with a variety of different clients and pricing levels, you could easily lose track fast.

This is where accounting software comes in handy, from Quickbooks to Freshbooks, you can compare all of the benefits and features to find the accounting software that’s the best fit for you over at Capterra. Once you implement an accounting system to streamline your invoicing you are going to wonder how you ever survived without it.

Managing your freelance writing career doesn’t have to be difficult. With thousands of software tools designed to make your life easier, you should be able to streamline most of your daily tasks so you can have more time to work on writing. Visit Capterra.com/tech for free, today, to find the right tools for you.