Image result for Diamond screens' may come to your phones in 2019NEW DELHI: The year 2017 saw many innovations in terms of smartphone design and this year also it is expected that the companies will bring something new to the table. However, the year 2019 is said to bring diamond screen to your smartphone. Yes, You read that right.

A company is said to be working with one of the smartphone maker and is testing a phone made with diamond glass. This company is expected to release the smartphone in 2019. The Mirage diamond glass claims to use nanocrystal pattern that arranges the crystals and prevents the glass from any kind of cracks and damage.

The CEO of the company Adam Khan revealed that the new glass will be harder and stronger as compared to the others available in the market. To be called as Mirage Diamond Glass it is being made using the laboratory-grown diamonds and has been tested in combination with other screen technologies available in the market.

In an interview to CNET, Khan said, “the promising new technology is being actively tested with devicemakers, the identities of which Khan isn’t ready to reveal. Akhan’s partners are stress-testing the diamond glass’ strength, and making sure the surface transmits electrical signals well, so your finger can navigate the touchscreen without a glitch.”

Khan also added that they are also performing some tests to ensure the durability of the glass and are also working to minimise the light reflection rate. The company says that they don’t want the users to maximise the level of brightness on their smartphones. Coming to the price aspect of the device, it is expected to come with a hefty price tag considering that diamond are quite expensive.

The Mirage diamond glass is presently being tested and will come to a smartphone for the first time next year.