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You can enjoy the original Android experience on the Sanyo TV with unlimited access to thousands of authorised apps.

Today, your smart TV can also be your personal computer. You can create documents or do work like creating an office presentation from Cloud. What’s more, you can also share a live stream with your family and friends who have access to your smart TV. Then, if your phone has very little memory left, you can easily transfer pictures and videos from your smartphone to the TV via a USB drive without the need of the internet. Alternatively, you can also transfer media from your TV to your smartphone.

While the smartphone is all about enjoying content on the go, the smart television is about enjoying the view. Smart TVs also ensure access to multi-level types of content, so that the user can smoothly scroll from the standard live TV to applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

If you love gaming, you can immerse yourself in an action-packed gaming experience with stunning visual details and impressive 3D graphics. Some of these TVs also allow you to download and enjoy latest and popular videos, movies and TV shows from across the web. You can even build and create playlists, listen to the radio, etc, as well as get access to curated content and recommendations based on what you have watched or played.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular smart TVs in India

Samsung Smart TV

This TV gives you a wholesome work-fun balance. If you need to work, be rest assured that you can turn this TV into a full-fledged computer by mirroring the laptop for the convenience of a bigger screen. You can also gain access to your office computer if you have an unfinished file to work on. The Samsung Smart TV gives you a unique visual experience by turning your TV into a virtual music system that appears in three different colour tones. The minimum size of the TV is 32 inches and the maximum is 55 inches, with prices ranging from Rs 33,900 to above Rs 1 lakh.

Vu Smart TV

The Vu Premium Android 4K TV series is more progressive than the Vu UltraSmart TV and Vu Pixelight TV. These TVs have HDR 10 and Dolby Vision technology, which improves the quality of the details by making the best use of the contrast and colour accuracy, delivering immersive 4K HDR picture quality. The Android TV, which comes in four sizes—43-inch (`35,000), 50-inch (Rs 41,000), 55-inch (Rs 47,000) and 65-inch (`72,000)—delivers impressive audio clarity, thanks to its Dolby MS12 Audio and Dbx-TV. The televisions are available in titanium grey with a slim design.

Sanyo Smart TV

You can enjoy the original Android experience on the Sanyo TV with unlimited access to thousands of authorised apps. It has a minimalistic design and a slim and streamlined look with 3 HDMI ports. The latter will help you to multi-task without having to continuously switch cables. Sanyo Android Series has the official Android TV Play Store that lets you download your favourite apps. It comes in four different sizes—43-inch (Rs 33,999), 49-inch (Rs 41,999), 55-inch (Rs 47,999) and 65-inch (Rs 69,990).