They say practice makes a man perfect. It is also true when you consider a rummy game. By playing a rummy gameoften, you become a champion in it. No one may actually teach you the tricks of the game, but you learn that yourself referring to tutorials, playing against tough competitors, and facing every challenge as it comes. So, what makes you a pro-player in rummy and what type of game-play should you follow to stay ahead of others? Below, we have discussed the rummy tricks that will help you become an expert player.

  1. Focus on Pure Sequences

One of the crucial elements in Indian rummy is to make sequences. You have to make at least two sequences, out of which, one has to be necessarily pure or natural. A pure sequence is made with 3 or 4 cards of same suit, but of consecutive order. This sequence is mandatory to win a game. You can form another sequence, which is impure. Here, a Joker card can be used to complete the sequence.

An example of a pure sequence is 4, 5, and 6 of Diamonds. An example of an impure sequence is 8, 9 of Heart, and a Joker card. The Joker card can either replace 7 or 10 of Heart. Apart from the sequences, you may make a set. A set is a group of 3 or 4 rummy cards of the same face value, such as 3 Kings.

A trick to play rummy online is to set your priorities right. Firstly, make a pure sequence, after which you can make other sequences and sets. A benefit of a natural run is even if you lose, the points against the cards in this sequence will not be counted, reducing the points in your hand. After all, the goal of the game is to reduce the points in hand to zero and win rummy.

  1. Use Simple Mathematical Skills

To master an online rummy game, you have to use some simple mathematical calculations. You can understand how many Joker cards could be in the closed deck and with the opponent, if you have received any Joker card yourself. A deck of cards has one printed Joker. A wildcard Joker is selected from the closed deck, and all cards of the same face value/number, can then be used as Jokers.

So, basically if a deck of 52 cards are used, then 5 Jokers (1 printed Joker and 4 Joker, one of each suit) will be there.  Similarly, if you receive more of red coloured cards, there is a possibility; the opponent has more of black coloured cards. If a rival is discarding cards of red colour, it can indicate that he is looking for black coloured cards.

  1. Utilize Jokers to the Best

Using a Joker at the right time and at the right place is a skill that self-made champions of rummy possess. You should never use a Joker to form a pure sequence. Keep it to make impure sequences or sets. Sometimes players forget the face value of the wildcard Joker in online rummy, and discard the Joker, thinking it to be a regular card. If you discard a Joker, the opponent cannot pick it, so that is a relief.

  1. Discard High-Value Cards

Cards such as King, Queen, and Jack are high-value cards, as these carry 10 points each. As the goal of the game is to reduce points in hand to zero or to keep points to minimum even if you lose the game, high-value cards are the least desirable. You will definitely want to keep minimum points in hand, so the best way to do is, discard high-point cards early in the game.

  1. Watch the Moves of Opponents

Rummy is a ‘mind’ game, wherein you try and read the hand of the opponents by noticing the moves they make and the cards they pick from open/closed deck. You need to have a high presence of mind, know which cards to retain and discard, and how to trick the rivals into giving a card you require. So, master these tricks and download rummy app to keep enjoying the card game.

Follow the above-given rummy rules and tips to become a champion at rummy games. Keep practicing playing on a reliable card games platform, such as Khelplay Rummy, and experience the best.