This article remarks on the progressions of the Spanish fundamental Stock Exchange Index, the ibex price over the period from 2000 to 2006.

A principle stock file gives data about same essential structure of a nation.

The article The IBEX 35 Index From Raw Data to Useful Information demonstrates the circulation of organizations among the different areas and these segments are taken as a beginning stage for this correlation..

There have been a few movements both in the relative weight of specific organizations on the two years and a noteworthy number of organizations left or blended (fourteen) and almost an equivalent number of organizations entered (thirteen). The business daily paper “Cincodias” gave a diagram of the organizations tune in on the Ibex 35 of every 2000 and 2006.

At the highest point of the file, there have been minor changes, in spite of the fact that you ought to recall that the year 2000 was amid the last period of the new-economy drift. The market capitalization of Telefonica was around 10,6 billion euros and spoke to 28% of the Ibex 35 record. Furthermore, Terra which is presently part of Telefonica spoke to another 3,4 billion euros (9% of the Index in 2000). The market capitalization of Banco Santander almost multiplied in this period and this bank has now the most astounding capitalization.

Organizations (Stocks) that left the stage (introduce in 2000 yet not in 2006) are:

Land (correspondence segment),

Amadeus (maker of carrier frameworks),

Alba (Real home Promotion),

Acesa (Road Infrastructure),

Pryca (Consumer Retail),

Agbar (Aquas de Barcelona – a water service organization),

Sol Melia (Hotels),

Hydro Cantabrico (Water Utility),

Telepizza (Food),

Dragados (Construction),

Continente (Consumer Retail),

Aceralia (Commodities – Steel),

Aumar (Road Infrastructure),

Mapfre (protection) and

Vallehermoso (Construction)

From these, the organizations Pryca and Continente have combined. Vallehermoso has converged with an organization that was (and still is) likewise in the Ibex 35: Sacyr. Dragados converged with the ACS gathering, which is still in the list.

Organizations that entered the stage (which are just on the rundown of 2006) are:

Arcelor (Commodities – Steel),

Inditex (Textile),

Abertis (Infrastructure and Communication),

Banco Sabadell (Finance),

Metrovacesa (Construction and Real Estate),

Telefonos Moviles (Communication),

Sacyr Valle. (Development – the merger of Sacyr and ValleHermoso),

Gamesa (Wind vitality),

Cintra (Infrastructure),

Telecinco (TV, Entertainment),

Antena3 (TV, Entertainment) and

Iberia (transport).

Right now, Telefonica is offering TPI (which showcase capitalization diminished from 8 billion Euros in 2000 to around 3 billion of every 2006) with a specific end goal to back it late securing of O2, the British media transmission supplier.

For one section, the move demonstrates an ordinary improvement like different nations after the new-economy in which the nearness of Telecommunication is reduced. Despite the fact that (water) service organizations left after 2000, new utilities entered and the nearness of development organizations is as yet huge.