‘It’s creepier than Covfefe’: Deepika Padukone’s latest Instagram post leaves Internet confused

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Well, the 31-year-old actor uploaded what seemed like a .. umm.. well it seemed like she is probably trying to send out cryptic messages. (Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram, File Photo)

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Deepika Padukone is among the actors who have a strong social media presence. With Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra leading the pack by sharing almost every snippet of their lives, especially on Instagram, Padukone often uses the photo sharing app to share pictures from shoots, to talk about her close ones and family and even about the causes she support and has a result amassed a huge following of over 18 million people. But, one of her latest posts has left the Internet confused. So much so, somebody has even called it ‘as confusing as Covfefe’. Others turned to Ranveer Singh for some help.

(Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram)

Well, the 31-year-old actor uploaded what seemed like a .. umm.. well it seemed like she is probably trying to send out cryptic messages. And being the loving fans that they are, people got down to deconstructing what she probably must have meant when uploading the picture.

“That a metal curve at the end of furniture, probably a chair or a lounge seat,” “Some porcelain top of a temple or lamp shade i guess,” some offered helpfully. Others, well, blinded by their love for Padukone (not your fault, guys) commented “Superb,” “Owsmmm”(Millenials way of writing awesome) on the picture. “It’s a Fleur de lis , the lily flower it’s the sign of life , light and perfection,” “Symbol of bharat scouts and guides,” wrote another Instagram Good Samaritan.


(Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram)

Well, when we looked up, it did look like a certain Fleur de lis and the symbol of scouts — we’d still prefer the Padmavati actor to not leave us hanging on social media like this. As one of her fan aptly puts, “What is this dear Deepika?”

(Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram)


Snapchat vs Instagram – Which Platform is Better for Your Brand?

Who Will Win the Battle between Snapchat & Instagram? | Social Media Today

Snapchat vs. Instagram: A rivalry as old as time. Well, almost.

There have been a lot of discussion this year about who’ll eventually win the battle between the two social media giants, and while out of the gate it looked like Snapchat would eventually be declared the victor, Instagram has been leading a charge to take some of Snapchat’s best features and… well, copy them.

However you slice it, these two platforms are what many think are the future of social media. In this post, we want to break down what each platform is, and more importantly, what it can offer to brands who are looking to connect with their ideal consumers.

By The Numbers

As of the end of 2016, Snapchat is seeing 150 million active users every day. They’re also reportedly serving 10 billion daily video views, while users, on average, are logged into Snapchat for 30 minutes every day.

Instagram, meanwhile, now has more than 600 million registered users, with more than 300 million of them logging into the app daily. For brands looking for engagement, it doesn’t get much better than that, especially among the younger populations.

Both Snapchat and Instagram have major appeal among people users age 35 and under – researchers have found that up to 90% of Instagram’s users are 35 and under, while 86% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34.

Which Platform Do Millenials Prefer?

Wishbone recently conducted a survey asking users between the ages of 12 and 25 (the coveted heart of the Millennial target group) which they preferred, Snapchat or Instagram. Here are their decidedly unscientific, yet still


With almost 36,000 votes, Snapchat won a decisive victory in this group – though there were a couple of interesting findings in the subsequent data:

  1. 25% of respondents (approximately 32,000) said they would delete Snapchat now that Instagram has a stories feature
  2. 43% of respondents (approximately 33,000) said they would delete Snapchat if Instagram started providing Lens and Geofilter like options

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to imagine that Instagram could be working on that very feature now given parent company Facebook’s fairly blatant attempts at copying Snapchat’s core features.

And while Instagram is starting to catch up to Snapchat in regards to Millennial appeal, a lot of people think that their development of Stories was actually geared towards older audiences. Many older users find Snapchat difficult to use – the app’s not as intuitive as Instagram for posting images, and that has translated to brands. Take a look at this graphic that compares the two options:

So while your typical 18-year-old prefers Snapchat, a 38-year-old is likely to be much more interested in Instagram.

Pros and Cons

So the big question is what does this really mean for brands? There’s no doubt that there are huge opportunities in both platforms for brands who are willing to go all in on them. However, there are pros and cons to each.

Lenses and Geofilters

Where Snapchat wins big is through their face-altering Lenses and location-based Geofilters. These feature are different to those on offer on other social platforms, and both are key factor in the apps appeal over other apps. These options not only serve as great interactive marketing options, but they also help to personalize each Snapchat users’ experience.


While Snapchat was first to market with their stories feature, in the eyes of many, Instagram has taken a tool that was very good and made it even better. The user interface for Instagram Stories is easier, the way the stories can be shared is better, and even features like the ability to draw on your content is cleaner on Instagram.

Capturing the Moment

The thing that really makes Snapchat feel so different – and the thing that Snap Inc. is doubling down on with the release of Spectacles – is the app’s focus on capturing the essence ot the moment. Whereas Instagram’s general purpose has been as a platform to share more polished images, Snapchat’s ephemeral approach puts emphasis on immediacy over perfection.

But with the addition of Stories – and now live-streaming as well – Instagram may have changed the game by offering users the ability to do both in one place.


In terms of reach, there’s no contest. While it may be a bit disconcerting for some that the average number of images shared, per user, on Instagram has been declining year-over-year, the sheer number of users is still huge compared to Snapchat. And that’s especially true when it comes to big brands and celebrities.

What Does it Mean for Brands?

While there’s no doubt that brands can do great things when it comes to personalization and filters with Snapchat, for many, the fact that they can reach a far greater number of potential customers is far more alluring.

Look at this recent campaign from Nike – the company used an Instagram post (featured below) along with a Story (not shown) that showcased a brand new Michigan football uniform unveiling:

So in 24 hours, that Nike Instagram story saw 800,000 views. By comparison, Nike’s most watched Snapchat story ever saw 66,000 views.

This is in large part due to Instagram’s big lead in getting to market earlier and the ease of discovering/finding the account by their fans. Snapchat’s limited to the mobile app (no desktop version), while discovery options are limited, making it much harder to find brands and follow them in the app.

That’s to say this example is definitive – as with all things social media marketing, your decisions on where to spend your time and effort should be dictated by your unique audience. But in general, Instagram’s larger audience will likely hold more appeal to most brands.

Final Thoughts

Right now, it seems that Instagram holds the advantage for brand use. It’ll be interesting to see how the platforms continue to evolve and battle for audience attention. Will Instagram look to introduce Geofilter and Lens-type options to become a true Snapchat killer, or will Snapchat’s new emphasis on hardware with Spectacles give them the edge?

It’ll certainly be interesting to watch – which platform does your brand prefer?


[Source:- socialmediatoday]


Can Apple Beat Snapchat and Instagram at Their Video Game?


Snapchat and Instagram, look out. Apple has you in its sights. The company is working on a video-sharing app with features similar to those found in Snapchat and Instagram, Bloomberg reported last week.

The app, possibly slated for release in 2017, will allow users of Apple devices to record a video, apply filters and draw on it, then share it with others on a variety of social networks.

Ease of use and quickness are paramount in the software’s design. Users can perform most of its functions with one hand — shooting, editing and uploading videos in less than a minute, noted Bloomberg. One version of the app allows users to shoot square video footage, as Instagram does.

Although current plans reportedly call for a standalone app, Apple may decide to bundle the functions with a future version of its camera app.

Apple has hired Joe Weil, who codeveloped the KnowMe video-blogging app, to lead the team on the project, which is being forged in the same department that created Apple’s iMovie and Final Cut Pro video-editing apps, according to the Bloomberg report.

Revenue Hunting

If Apple is developing a Snapchat-like app, it could be a sign the company is concerned about future growth in iPhone sales.

“In a time when iPhone revenues are growing at a more earthly rate, Apple is looking for incremental revenue elsewhere,” said Andreas Scherer, managing partner at Salto Partners.

Because social media is hot right now, it may seem sensible to embed those capabilities in new or existing applications and services, but such thinking ignores the current market reality, he suggested.

“Between SnapChat and Instagram, the young generation has made up its mind where to chat, exchange personal pictures or videos, and tell life stories as they occur,” Scherer told TechNewsWorld.

“For the same reason that Google+ had a tough time breaking into Facebook’s turf, it will be very difficult for Apple to compete with the two incumbents,” he maintained.

Overblown Reports

It’s questionable whether Apple actually is gunning for Snapchat and Instagram.

“I think the stories are mostly a little overblown in calling this a Snapchat competitor,” said Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research.

Apple only wants to give people more ways to edit videos and share them over other social networks — the Bloomberg report suggests no more than that, he maintained.

“Apple doesn’t seem to be trying to compete with Facebook or Snapchat directly here,” Dawson told TechNewsWorld.

Apple just wants “to capture more of the time users spend on Apple devices in its own apps rather than third-party apps, and this is one way to do this,” he explained. “It’s the same strategy that’s seen Apple launch News and Music in recent years too.

Past Stumbles

If Apple were to take on Snapchat and Instagram head to head, CEO Tim Cook might find himself on the losing side.

“Tim Cook doesn’t have a history of doing social media right, and it is incredibly difficult to do right, so I think the odds are against Apple with this effort,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

“Like Microsoft found with search, once people are happy with another platform it is really hard to get them to switch, even if you are the OS owner,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Apple painfully discovered the pitfalls of social media when it tried to launch a music-focused social network called “Ping” in 2010 — the company pulled the plug on it in 2012.

Apple’s cautious approach with this app likely can be attributed to “the difficulty they’ve had in the past with these kinds of platforms,” said John Carroll, a mass communications professor at Boston University.

“They’re taking extra care in developing this,” he told TechNewsWorld, “to try and ensure that they have the most effective application possible.”



[Source:- Technewsworld]

Instagram unveils Stories, for more meaningful sharing


Looking for a new way to experience Instagram and get something more out of it? If you are, then Instagram Stories is just the kind of update that you’ve been waiting for.

Instagram has always been the platform to give your friends and families updates of special occurrences and events in your life. So it makes sense that this new feature builds on that by letting all users tell their stories in the form of a slideshow.

According to Instagram, Stories is designed to help users share all of their day’s moments, not just the ones that stay on their profile. Multiple videos and images will begin appearing together now as part of a slideshow.

Users will be able to share as much as they see fit each day—and not have to worry about excessive posting. They can get as creative as they want with each update, using the new drawing and text tools that Instagram has also made available to them. To avoid social-media overload, Instagram will remove the images and videos after a 24-hour period, and they won’t continue to show up in the feed or your profile grid.

People can also see stories from those they follow, whether that’s friends and family or noteworthy accounts. By simply glancing at their feed and viewing the bar on top, they can see colorful rings around the profile pictures of those with new updates.

When something looks important enough to check out, you can simply tap on someone’s profile picture to see their story. See various stories at your own pace by tapping to go either forward or back and swiping to skip to the next profile and its story.

What’s really interesting about Stories is that users won’t be allowed to register or leave public likes or comments for them—unlike with ordinary posts. To leave a comment on a Story, just tap to send a private message to that individual on Instagram Direct.

A Story also follows the privacy settings of one’s account. Let’s look at how this works…

When your account is set to private, your Story is only going to be visible to your followers, but if it’s public, then anyone can see it. This doesn’t mean that your Storyhas to always be visible to your followers: You can hide your Story from anybody whom you don’t want seeing it, even if they follow you.

If you’re watching your own Story, you can swipe up on the screen to find out who has seen every image and video. You also have the option of just featuring a certain portion of your Story by posting it right to your profile.

Look for Stories to roll out on the entire platform in the next few weeks on both iOS and Android. Thanks to Stories, users can now share their highlights and most important events—and everything in between.




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Pc game designers create three-D anatomical schooling device for anatomists

Computer game designers create 3D anatomical training tool for anatomists

Abertay University Computer game designers have helped Aberdeen University anatomists build interactive 3-d models present day human organs and different body components which can be set to assist to teach medical doctors and clinical scientists trendy the destiny.

5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c, sportbased software program will allow college students get admission to to highly correct models latest specimens which can be digitally manipulated and ‘dissected’.

Anatomy students currently educate with human material that has been generously donated for coaching however get admission to is restrained to the certified anatomy teaching facility latest strict legal law. Existing virtual today’s equipment that already enhance anatomy teaching at Aberdeen University have a few limitations.

The innovation, which takes benefit modern day 49a2d564f1275e1c4e633abc331547db techniques, will allow students discover excessiveresolution virtual modelsgreatly benefitting their research and development.

The fashions are generated the use of a system called photogrammetry which includes taking character photographs today’s a specimen at barely one-of-a-kind angles and then compiling the images digitally to create a totally interactive 3-D model.

currently the crew create animations with the 3-D models however a collaboration with Laptop video games designers at Abertay College will produce a digital environment which will allow for a long way extra interplay and dynamic state-of-the-art opportunities.

5 Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Strategies

5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Today

Instagram contests can be a extremely good manner to generate greater followers and power extra engagement within your network of Instagram fans.

But depending on the type of enterprise you’ve got, what time of the year it is, and what your advertising and marketing goals are, exclusive kinds of Instagram contests will make feel for distinctive sorts of companies.

That’s why we’ve compiled five one of a kind Instagram contest approach ideas with examples to help you get began.

Permit’s see the contests.
Instagram Contest Concept #1 – Event Based totally

Positioning your Instagram contest round an Occasion is a top notch manner to create a buzz across the Occasion itself, at the same time as also collecting user-generated content material associated with the Event for future utilization.

Popular Instagram hashtag contest Event sorts encompass marathons, Christmas markets, New year‘s events, elections, save launches, and many greater.

Check this situation of an Instagram contest put on with the aid of the garb brand Canada Goose on the 2015 Sundance Movie Competition. inside their contest they requested individuals at the Pageant to add an Instagram photograph tagged with #AskAnyoneWhoKnows internal a massive snow globe that they had installation interior of the Occasion.

5 Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough strolling this contest, Canada Goose become capable of make their mark at the Sundance Pageant and generate a ton of user engagement round their emblem.
Instagram Contest Idea #2 – Weather Based

Simply as the us Put up Office operates in any forms of Weather, your Instagram contest can run in any situation, at any time of yr.

In fact, you could even use the Climate to your gain when growing your contest.

The clothing organisation Helly Hanson did a tremendous job of this after they ran their #WELOVERAIN promotion.

The #WELOVERAIN marketing campaign became Based round embracing the outdoors and all that involves.

They asked customers to upload an Instagram photograph of themselves playing the outdoors with the hashtag #WELOVERAIN for a chance to win a trip to Norway.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThrough this, Helly Hanson saw over 370 entries and changed into able to stay pinnacle of mind for consumers getting into the rainy season.
Instagram Contest Concept #3Look for The subsequent Ambassador

Your enthusiasts love your emblem – so why not Permit considered one of them grow to be your subsequent brand ambassador?

Instagram’s a extraordinary platform to permit customers to without difficulty submit pictures that are in alignment together with your employer’s middle values and ideals.

The carrying organization Salming ran an Instagram contest aimed at locating their subsequent logo ambassador. They asked users to tag a image of themselves with the hashtag #salmingambassador in conjunction with three words that describe why they’d make the appropriate candidate for the function.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media TodayThe end result? A ton of user engagement, and a latest Salmang brand ambassador.
Instagram Contest Idea #4submit Your Layout

But Instagram contests don’t Just need to be approximately submitting pix of humans. you could use the platform to accumulate entries for Layout, instance, and photography contests as properly.

The creative organization Midzai creative held an Instagram contest offering greater than $a thousand in prizes to users who submitted their fine designs using the hashtag #mindzaicontest.

The result become a a success contest and a gallery of user-generated content targeted around the Mindazi brand.

five Examples of Powerful Instagram Contest Techniques | Social Media These days
Instagram Contest Concept #5post a photo with Someone

Valpak coupons ran an Instagram contest wherein they requested users to add a photo of themselves and their mom using the hashtag #MomMomentsSweeps.

This contest is a awesome instance of ways you can create an Instagram contest Based totally round almost some thing. Different high-quality examples of this kind of contest ought to consist of Fathers day, anniversaries, snap shots with buddies, and photos with pets.

going for walks this easy contest Valpak changed into able to generate over seven-hundred specific entries and an entire lot of fan engagement.

five Examples of Effective Instagram Contest Strategies | Social Media Nowadays
Wrapping up

So there you have got it – 5 Instagram contests to inspire your next Instagram marketing marketing campaign. As you could see, Instagram contests don’t should be fancy, and they don’t ought to be Based totally around a big vacation, season, or Occasion.

Get innovative and allow customers to proportion what topics to them. This will be such things as art work, snap shots with friends, or snap shots doing things that they love.

Instagram changes: What is about to happen to app’s feed, and why everyone wants you to turn on mobile notifications


Instagram’s feed is about to completely change. But there’s no reason to panic, or actually do anything at all.

The site has announced that it will introduce an “algorithmic timeline” rather than sorting its posts chronologically.

Instagram announced the change weeks ago, but a rumour just caught on that it was about to be turned on. That doesn’t appear to be true, but it’s meant that a lot of people have got excited and annoyed about the new feature.

What is an algorithmic timeline?

It decides what order to show posts in based on a range of criteria, rather than just displaying them chronologically. Data about how you use the app will be plugged into the algorithm and then used to order the posts.

The company has said that the algorithm will take a range of different information in when it’s making its decisions.

“The ordered feed will take into account a number of signals such as likes, comments and searches, as well as the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, the timeliness of the posts, and your relationship to the person posting,” a spokesperson said.

If you’d like a taste of what it might look like ― and whether it will work ― head to the explore tab by clicking on the magnifying glass button in the app. That uses much of the same data to pick out things from people you don’t follow.

When will the feature get added?

Instagram hasn’t said, exactly. It isn’t “tomorrow”, as the posts that are being shared on the app claim.

But it’s made clear that first there’ll be a period of testing, while it works out how exactly the algorithm should work. Those that are selected will probably know about it.

That’ll be followed by the proper launch. There’ll be more news before that happens, the company said.

Why are people asking their followers to turn on mobile notifications?

Supposedly because the new timeline will make it harder to see posts from people you like. The posts say that since that is about to happen, the only way to make sure you see updates from a person is to have your phone notify you every time you post.

But that’s just plain wrong: the algorithmic feed will or at least should pick out the people you like posts from most, and show them to you. You’ll almost certainly miss fewer posts from your favourite accounts, not more.

Mobile notifications do make sure that a person’s posts get seen, though, even if they can be annoying. And that’s why the posts are circulating ― presumably just using the changes as a way to frighten people into turning them on.


[Source:- Independent]

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media Today

So what’s the key to success on Instagram? According to Instagram itself:

“There’s no big secret to creating content for Instagram—good and effective creative is just good creative. The same creative principles that apply to any marketing channel apply to Instagram, like being well branded, concept-driven, well crafted and well targeted.”

In other words, creativity is key to Instagram engagement – crafting thoughtful and thought-provoking images that grab attention, and communicate your brand message through your visuals alone. Your images need to be ‘good enough to eat’, they need to have a tangible quality to them, beyond the aesthetic value alone. And while that may sound hard to do, there are some simple ways to express emotion and story through Instagram content. And if you’re able to harness them, you’ll be on track to reach an audience on the platform and build an engaging, resonant presence.

So how do you do it?

Instagram breaks down the core creative principles of the platform to three focus points:

  • Branding content with your logo, colors or iconography drives awareness
  • Creating a concept that tells a story aligning to your business goal drives brand lift in areas like perception, message association and favourability
  • Making your creative polished and well crafted amplifies results overall.

When broken down so specifically, the concepts are easier to conceptualize, and hopefully apply to your own Instagram posts. Here are some notes on each to help you get started:

1. “Branding content with your logo, colors or iconography”

The most successful brands on Instagram maintain a color palette that’s in line with their brand – check out Oreo’s Instagram profile for example.

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media TodayNotice how there’s a distinctive tone and consistency that flows through each image, that blue hue, those pastel colors. By maintaining that familiarity – through a specifically chosen palette range – Oreo is working to build their brand with each post, to imbue a sense of the brand throughout their Instagram images.

Tresemme Indonesia approach their Instagram feed in the same way, with a visual consistency to how they present their posts.

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media TodayTo do this yourself, you should decide on a distinctive tone that you want for your Instagram presence, a color theme that works with your brand image and identity. You can do this by using a basic color wheel – this interactive color wheel from Adobe covers the basics of complimentary tones in varying themes.

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media TodayThere’s a range of other options too – even the paint wall at your local hardware store can give you some ideas. Once you’ve decided on a tone, let that guide your image direction and ensure you use relevant filters and tools to help maintain a consistent approach to build your brand presence.

2. “Creating a concept that tells a story aligning to your business goal”

As with all social networks, deciding on the ‘personality’ of your brand presence will play a significant part in the approach you take to your content and interactions. Think of it this way: one of the key terms of ‘social media’ is ‘social’, and being social is about interaction. In order to interact, you need to have a way to communicate, a voice, and that voice will ideally shine through and communicate not only what you do, but why you do it.

It can be a more difficult concept to get grasp of, but you need to get a handle on what your brand’s about, what role it plays in the lives of your consumers, then use that as the motivation behind how you approach your content.

On Instagram, that means conveying your brand voice within your images.

For example, Burt’s Bees aims to share a sense of fun in their Instagram feed, with each image aligned with their natural message (lots of flowers and leaves), but shared in a creative and joyful way.

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media TodayThis immediately gives you a sense of what the brand’s about and helps align fans to their core purpose with every post.

Sharpie has a similar focus on fun and creativity, and that purpose is shared throughout their Instagram content.

3 Notes on Building a Relevant and Resonant Brand Presence on Instagram | Social Media TodayThese Instagram feeds are fuelled by a clear purpose, a brand mission statement that underlines not only what they do – in terms of the products they sell – but why they do it, and that underlying ethos helps build their presence with every post.

3. “Making your creative polished and well-crafted”

And the last one’s pretty self-explanatory. As you can see from the examples above, it’s worth taking the time to ensure your Instagram images are great. It might take more test shots, different lighting, it might mean adding in and taking out additional props. But don’t settle for second best when creating content for your Instagram feed.

Attention to detail is the difference between good and great – and worth noting, most of the people on Instagram aren’t on the platform to stay up to date with your branded content. People are on Instagram to see great, visually stimulating posts – they’re on Instagram to see art, essentially. Therefore it makes sesnse that the best way to reach them is to approach your Instagram posts as art. If your content is great, people will welcome it, regardless of whether it’s branded material or not, and that will help you reach a wider audience and spread your brand message, and awareness, throughout the Instagram network.

It’s the same as with blogging – if it doesn’t feel right, if you’re not adding something new to the conversation, then you’re just adding to the noise. If you’re posting content to Instagram that’s just the same as everything else, that’s not as good or styled as it could be, then you’re setting yourself up for lesser impact. It depends on the purpose of your presence, of course – some brands are seeing great success on Instagram through sharing behind the scenes type ‘in the moment’ photos. But for those seeking to boost brand awareness and response, among users who are not already fans, a focus on image quality is a must.

Maybe that means taking a photo in the morning light as opposed to the middle of the day, maybe it means taking 100 shots and working out which fits best. Maybe it means scrapping an idea that you’ve worked hard on because it’s just not coming together. Ultimately, you have to be driven by your own artistic intentions and integrity, but the general rule of thumb is if you don’t feel your content as good as it could be, your audience will sense that too.

It takes work, but the extra effort and attention to detail will pay off in the end.

[Source:- Socialmediatoday]