In a week when Amazon revealed what our future postal workers may look like, Dyson announced a big move to Singapore, and Google made a major move into the Asian clean energy market, the Innovation Enterprise team were on hand, as always, to provide our readers with the latest tech news, interviews and analysis.

We have two large data events coming up, both of which have a fantastic selection of speakers confirmed. DATAx Singapore is now six weeks away, taking place just two months before DATAx San Francisco makes its debut in May. Speakers confirmed include experts from Amazon, Visa, PlayStation, eBay and Netflix, and information about registering can be found on our Summits page.

Below, we present a selection of tech, AI and ML news and analysis from the past week from acrossour Channels.

Data and marketing: A match made in heaven

Only published on Thursday, our interview with Mirela Cialai, head of global cross-channel digital marketing at Zinio, on the intersection between marketing and data, has already proven wildly popular with our regular readers.

In a wide-ranging discussion with Innovation Enterprise, Cialai discusses the future of digital marketing, how to ensure big data provides real customer insights and what she believes the next big disruptor in the digital marketing world will be.

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London Heathrow to introduce AI-controlled runways

With stories of drones disrupting the flow of traffic through two of the UK’s busiest airports dominating many of the recent discussions within the aviation world, one of the stories that may have gone under the radar somewhat is the news that London Heathrow is set to introduce AI-controlled runways.

The airport announced it would build a £2.5m ($3.2m) “digital tower laboratory” to help air traffic controllers land more planes, as part of the airport’s planned £17bn ($22bn) expansion.

“We’ll be keeping a close eye on this trial, as the technology could have a major role, as we prepare for the expanded airport,” said Kathryn Leahy, director of operations at Heathrow Airport.

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Singapore releases model governance for AI at WEF

Singapore’s minister for communications and information S. Iswaran released the city-state’s model governance framework for AI this week during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

The framework, the first of its kind in Asia, has been described as a “living document” capable of evolving in tandem with AI technological advances.

“If we are able to emerge as one of the jurisdictions where there is a sound approach to data management, to the governance of AI and other frontier technology, then I think more companies will want to be associated with us,” Iswaran stated.

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Gender diversity in STEM starts from the ground up

Tackling the gender divide is key to unlocking potentially world-changing innovations within the STEM field, said Sash Sunkara, co-founder of Rackware, in an exclusive interview with Innovation Enterprise.

“Most of the time I was the only woman in the room, but I never really faced issues until I became a founder,” she noted. “Because most VCs have partners who are white males, it took a couple of years to raise the initial round of founding and I actually ended up having to go outside of Sand Hill to Salt Lake City to get funding.”

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Top web design trends of 2019

Whether your prefer a nature-inspired design or a retro and vintage look, it’s always good to keep on top of the latest trends and ensure your website is looking fresh.

Blogger and marketer Merrit Wales wrote about the top web design trends for the coming year, observing that “January is the right month to reorganize your strategy, fix your website design and ensure that you stay on top of the competition”.

Wales’ useful guide also discusses monochromatic brutality, 3D illustration and the simplicity of adopting straightforward fonts.

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Amazon debuts its autonomous robot courier

Amazon Scout, the latest in a number of technologies the retail giant has invested in, was revealed this week. The six-wheeled robot is able to navigate sidewalks to deliver orders straight to customers’ doors.

“We’re starting with six Amazon Scout devices, delivering packages Monday through Friday, during daylight hours,” the company explained. “The devices will autonomously follow their delivery route but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee.”