Image result for Web Design Company, Huemor, Shares Tips for Creating a Converting Product PageNEW YORK/PRNewswire/ — As marketers and business owners, your goal is to make the UI of your brand’s ecommerce website as streamlined, modern, and easy-to-use as possible to avoid high bounce rates and low numbers of sales. Huemor, a web design company, has gathered the following four tips to consider when creating a product page that converts.

  • Videos. Videos are crucial, especially when the item your ecommerce site is selling has an ambiguous color that could look completely different under fluorescent lighting versus the natural sun. Take this opportunity to showcase the product’s iridescent features, unique characteristics, or other traits that would be hard to put on display using a photo gallery. Video can also be a great way to give a product demonstration, answer frequently asked questions in a fun and interactive way, or show two color variations of the item, side-by-side.
  • 360° Views of Products. Videos and photos are useful, but many times only show the angles and views that the person recording the photo shoot chooses to display. 360° views on the other hand, enables customers to virtually “take a walk” around the item they’re interested in buying, and consider all views of the item they would experience in person. While sometimes seen as a novelty, since it requires heavy user interaction unlike photos and videos, this approach can lead customers into making a more educated decision when browsing your e-commerce product pages.
  • Descriptions and alt text descriptions. When potential buyers read a product description, they can “insert” themselves into the brand story that you’re trying to tell, resulting in converting product pages. As a bonus, these unique brand modifiers can also affect SEO ratings in a positive way, allowing bots to understand more about the products and images when crawling a page! You may or may not have heard of alt text, but alt text is just the text that appears when you hover your mouse over a link or an image, describing it. Alt text is not only a great way for visually impaired users to get an idea of what they’re purchasing and the product’s features, but it also is important for accessibility, helping to assist users on very old machines.
  • Test your product pages. A common mistake that new stores tend to make is not testing the shopping experience after publishing their site. When consumers want to purchase a product, but broken links or shopping cart errors add to their frustration, do you think they’ll try to see if your website is correctly functioning later? Testing all pages and ensuring that everything is converting smoothly will have a significant impact on who’s visiting and re-visiting your website, being exposed to your advertising, and most of all, purchasing your products and services.

If your website currently leaves much to be desired or simply isn’t bringing the kind of traffic and business you believe it should, fix these issues early, before they turn into even more extensive problems, putting a damper on sales, and hurting your bottom line.

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