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US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the employment of web developers will grow by 15 percent by 2026. The percentage is much higher than the average of other occupations. Revolutionized digital technology and marketing are the important reasons that have led to an increase in the demand of web designers. E-commerce business is continuously widening and it is increasing the employment for web developers. Online purchasing is expected to grow more in the upcoming years than the overall retail industry. The retail firms are also choosing online offerings to expand their business and it is proving to be a beneficial point for web designing agencies.

In addition, an increase in mobile phone use, especially smartphones, to search for the web content is leading to growing the demand of web designing agencies. The web developers are getting more work for creating mobile-friendly websites as they were only limited to creating desktop friendly content. ObstacleDM Connecticut is such an award-winning web designing company which is helping other businesses to generate business leads after making mobile and desktop-friendly websites for them.

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