Twitter Introduces New 'Website Conversions' Ad Objective | Social Media Today

Twitter has announced a change to their ‘Website Clicks or Conversions’ ad objective that aims to help advertisers hone in on users who are more likely to undertake specific actions on their websites, as opposed to simply clicking through on their ad.

First off, Twitter’s splitting their ‘Website Click or Conversions’ option into two more specific categories:

  • Website Visits
  • Website Conversions

‘Website Visits’ is exactly the same as the previous version – if you’re only looking to drive more traffic to your site, in general terms, then this is the one for you.

But if you want to guide people towards taking more advanced actions – like making a purchase – the new ‘Website Conversions’ objective offers more advanced targeting in order to reach users more likely to act.

As explained by Twitter:

“Website Conversions campaigns use data from Twitter website tags and Twitter’s interest and intent signals to optimize your campaign to deliver more conversions while meeting your cost-per-conversion goal. You’ll reach your audience on Twitter and extend your campaign to thousands of apps and websites so you can drive conversions across devices and environments.

Okay, that’s not particularly clear – basically, the way it works is, an advertiser will place Twitter’s website tag on their site in order to connect the users’ on site behavior and Twitter identity. Advertisers then need to specify an event they want to target for – for example, users that reach the checkout URL, signifying that they’ve made a purchase. Using this data, Twitter will then identify users – both of Twitter and of apps within its Audience Platform ad network – who match the same behavioral profile as those that have converted in order to focus your ads more specifically on people likely to take action.

“These changes build on our investments over the past few years, now making it possible for you to reach your customers and drive conversions everywhere. These include both the ongoing enhancements we’ve made to our website tag to help you more effectively target your audience and measure conversions and to the Twitter Audience Platform to help you reach that audience wherever they are (even if they’re not logged in on Twitter). We’re now also leveraging TellApart’s expertise in predictive shopping and bidding to help you reach the right audience to maximize conversions on your site.”

Advertisers will still be charged per click, but Twitter says that through their new targeting capacity, businesses using this objective to re-target their website visitors on mobile and desktop “receive, on average, 2.5X the volume of conversions versus similar campaigns using the Website Clicks or Conversions objective”.

So while Twitter’s explanations of the technical details of their new matching process are not overly clear, they’re using internal data matching to identify more intent signals, based on your current buyers, in order to facilitate more advanced delivery optimization options, reaching people who are more likely to do more than simply click-through on a link. It’s no where near the level of customization and targeting you can utilize through Facebook ads, but it does show that Twitter’s working to build more data-driven, personalized ad options to generate better results and hone in on more specific segments.




[Source:- Socialmediatoday]