If you are in charge of envisioning the lobby for a new hotel, you need to project far into the future. After all, the ideas you incorporate have to both be of the moment and able to survive the test of time. Since the lobby will provide an enduring first impression, your design choices will be noticed by every customer; here are ways to make enduring endearing.

Make the Space Accessible

The lobby should present a logical flow and be easy to navigate. Of course, every aspect must meet outlined federal Americans with Disabilities Act compliance standards. Ideally, the check-in desk will be predominate and near the entrance. Guests should also find easy access to elevators or escalators to make luggage hauling easy; as an aside, keep your elevator and escalator repair company on speed dial so either of these maintains fluid functionality. Finally, keep wide open paths so customers can pass easily traveling all directions.

Section for Guest Types

Take note of the target clientele and incorporate areas to meet their needs. For business travelers, add numerous work zones. If conventions and large-group gatherings will be on the agenda, secure areas where crowds can meet attached to the lobby. If the hotel is intended to be family-focused, create play areas and set up televisions at key points.

Create a Pleasing Scent

Guests can be sensitive to odors. Materials in the lobby should be easy to clean and virtually free of their own smells, with some exceptions. For example, if you choose decor of high-quality fabrics, leathers and woods, the natural smells they emanate can be pleasing; just ensure the pieces do not harbor strong manufacturing odors, such as from glues.

Add the Right Sounds

Sounds can stimulate or calm. Since you want guests to find their hotel stay relaxing, focus on presenting soothing soundscapes: Pipe in meditative music, attach sound-absorbing materials or install running fountains.

These decisions are just some of the many you would make when designing a hotel lobby. However, simple choices can pay big dividends when they combine to form a welcoming atmosphere.