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Linea Sketch 2.1 for iPad adds custom color picker, web design templates, tip jar

The Iconfactory is releasing Linea Sketch 2.1 today, which includes a new custom color picker and color sets, productivity and web design templates, and a new way to support future app development. Here’s a rundown of the latest features in the well-reviewed drawing and writing app for

Open Color – UI-Optimized color scheme for designers

How much time do you waste toying around while choosing the right colors scheme for your designs? With Open Color you have access to a predefined color scheme made specifically for screen design. The colors range across the entire spectrum with very dull and very bright color


For a while it seemed like every website was a minimalist ideal, including a stark white background. That trend has shifted as more dark color schemes are emerging as the design favorite. And for good reason. A nice dark color scheme can be attention-grabbing and isn’t as