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Noodoe Is A Cloud Operating System That Could Transform Electric Vehicle Charging

The days of the internal combustion engine as a commercial entity are coming to an end. Despite several false starts, the adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating faster by the day. According to a recent McKinsey study, 350 new electric vehicle (EV) models will debut by 2025 and as

Bracket Computing Detects Cloud OS Threats With Server Guard

In an effort to improve cloud security, Bracket Computing announced on Nov. 9 a new Server Guard functionality to provide immutable server protection for cloud deployments. Server Guard is built into Bracket Computing’s Metavisor isolation technology that separates application workloads from the cloud guest operating system. With

The incredible shrinking operating system: How containers and serverless computing are changing the cloud

Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop) Hang around enterprise computing types long enough, and you’ll wind up talking about “the stack” at some point. It’s a term used to refer to the complicated layers of software that run in modern data centers, and

Oracle Unveils Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Service

HIGHLIGHTS Oracle has unveiled Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service It will allow organisations securely extend business applications All enterprise data will be stored in the cloud Joining the Blockchain technology race, Cloud major Oracle has unveiled ‘Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service’ to enable organisations securely extend business applications and processes and

Microsoft Guns for Cloud Devs at Build 2016

At last week’s Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Executive Vice President for Cloud + Enterprise Scott Guthrie announced innovations in mobile app development, the Internet of Things, microservices and intelligence designed to help developers create apps for the company’s Azure cloud environment. One is Azure App Service, which