BENGALURU: In a forecast, the IT researcher Gartner on Monday said overall IT spending in India would grow 6.6% to reach $94 billion in 2020, from $88.5 billion in 2019. This growth would primarily be driven by spending in software.

India’s domestic technology services market, however, is expected to delay in spending for digital transformation owing to slow growth, said Gartner. “They (organisations in India) may delay those investments given the environment especially in the manufacturing sector because that is going through a very tough time, customer experience-related transformation initiatives can be put on hold or go slow. It will be harsh to say they are not going to put in money in transformation,” said Arup Roy, vice-president, research, Gartner.


According to Gartner, roughly $17.8 billion of the estimated $94 billion is considered spending in IT services and devices would be $35.4 billion. These two areas are expected to see a delay in discretionary spending or investment in digital transformation.