Software lo inthe

It’s common knowledge that most young graduates aspire for a job in the software industry, where they’re assured of a decent pay at a reputable multinational firm. With the tens of thousands of software employees, comedy filmmakers have found another stereotype to make fun of and that is what the now trending short film Software lo inthe (that’s how it is in software) is all about.

Popular YouTuber and Insta-star Shanmukh Jaswanth, who rose to fame with the hit short film Viva and with his dubsmashes, is back with 11 minute film Software lo inthe. Released on YouTube on September 13, it has managed to garner over 6 lakh views in just one day! From how interviews are conducted to how employees pretend to work when their bosses are around, this video is relatable in many aspects.

According to Shanmukh, this video was conceptualised, shot and produced within a span of three days. “A week ago, we were thinking of making something along the lines of life at a software firm, as the director Subbu is an ex-software employee. The script came out of those discussions and we shot this film the very next day. The post production editing and dubbing took two days,” says Shanmukh, who has almost 3 lakh subscribers on YouTube, and adds, “This is the first time that original content of ours got so many views in such a short span, as most of my videos are dance covers. I’m expecting it to cross 7 lakhs in another day.”

Having started off making dance videos of popular songs, the 24-year-old BBM graduate from GITAM University, is extensively popular on Instagram, with over 3.5 lakh followers. Software lo inthe has been scripted and directed by K Subbu, and has Insta-stars Shanmukh Jaswanth and Mehaboob Dilse in the cast.