In 2015, RevJet launched its Creative Side Platform (CSP) for creating and testing online ad variations at scale.

This week, the San Carlos, California-based company launched another approach that it says took a decade of development. Called Orora, it is what RevJet describes as the “first Operating System and App Ecosystem purpose-built to power every marketing creative use case.”

While the CSP is still available to existing customers, its functions — and its role as the company’s main product — are now available as Orora and its AppXchange.

Although CEO Mitchell Weisman compares Orora to the launch of the iPhone’s iOS and its app ecosystem, RevJet’s product is not literally an operating system, which is generally considered to be the software that governs a physical device’s basic functions and peripherals.

Rather, Orora is a browser-accessed cloud-based desktop and mobile platform of back-end systems that include a dynamic content delivery engine, an audience targeting engine, optimization of creative assets, a lookalike engine and a neural net learning engine.