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UPC was the leading provider of cable internet services in Poland at the end of 2017, claiming a market share of 41.4%.

According to the findings of the annual report on the telco market in Poland just released by Office for Electronic Communications (UKE), it was followed by Vectra (20.8%), Multimedia (13.6%), Toya (4%), Inea (3.6%) and others (16.7%).

Meanwhile, the FTTH sector continued to boom, adding 200,000 subscribers during 2017 and claiming revenues to PLN400 million (€91.7 million). The market leader was Orange, with a share of 28%, followed by Inea with 9.6%.

Orange was also the leading provider of xDSL services, with a share of close to 78% in market worth PLN1 billion.

Looking at the internet market, fixed and mobile as a whole, Orange was the market leader with a share of 31.7% (32.2% in 2016). It was followed by Polkomtel (9% v 8.9% in 2016), UPC (7.9% v 7.7%) and T-Mobile (7.2% v 6.9%), with other key players including Cyfrowy Polsat (4.6% v 4.4%), Vectra (4% v 3.9%), Netia (3.3% v 3.6%) and Multimedia (3%, unchanged).

As of the end of 2017 there were around 7.1 million fixed and 7.4 million mobile internet subscribers.

The total number of internet subscribers stood at around 14.5 million. Over half (51%) used mobile devices, 19% cable and 16% xDSL.

The Polish internet market was worth PLN4.7 billion in 2017, or PLN0.2 billion less than the previous year.