Image result for OnePlus seems to have cut off the 6T's bezels in an ad

Remember the controversy regarding Lenovo’s Z5 and its bezels that turned out to be much larger in reality than in its official images? Well, it sure looks like OnePlus hasn’t learned anything from that debacle.

Here’s a Twitter user noticing something strange about an ad for the OnePlus 6T that popped up on Instagram. Look closely, see if you can spot what’s, erm, not quite true to life

Yes, it appears that someone in the company’s marketing department decided that giving people who see this ad the wrong impression regarding the size of the phone’s top and bottom bezels was definitely a good idea.

Things like this have definitely never ever backfired since the Internet became a thing. So it will clearly all work out. And people will instantly go to OnePlus’ website to buy the device and they’ll completely ignore the fact that it looks a tad different over there. Or in their hands when they receive it.