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Not just desi Tweeple, even cops used the meme to tackle fake news.

If you are looking for your daily dose of humour, especially one filled with memes, social media has not failed this week. While it’s impossible to guess what might be the next fad online, users have proved that they can turn almost anything and everything hilarious.

Currently, Netizens are busy providing “wrong” movie titles to iconic films. If you have been on the Internet recently, you might have come across the meme: ‘Name the film. Wrong answers only’, wherein, with endless possibilities, users are coming up with hilariously incorrect titles for films.

It all started with actor and screenwriter Nathan Brimmer. He kicked off a series of tweets with a screenshot of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. And of course, the comments were pretty entertaining.

Others soon followed — and not just movie buffs. From video games to favourite TV shows and sitcoms, everyone is coming up with their version and it’s currently the most engaging trend online. Sample these: