meghan markle feet

So remember last month when people were buzzing about Kate Middleton’s fingers for what appeared to be no reason whatsoever? Well, it looks like the British tabloids are back at it again, now fixating their analysis on — wait for it — Meghan Markle’s feet. Yes, really.

Why not just stick to writing about, say, all the ways she’s challenging royal protocol, her involvement in public affairs, or the always-chic clothes she wears? Good question. If you ask us, it seems like a pretty random thing to be preoccupied with considering the much-awaited royal wedding is just around the corner.

Still, some outlets are suddenly obsessed with the topic. Quotes in a recent Daily Mailarticle appeared to have spawned a segment on the popular British show This Morning and pieces in Express and The Mirror. The outlet consulted a seasoned foot reader who seemed particularly interested in the (completely normal) fact that Meghan’s second toe is longer than her big one.

Meghan has an elongated second toe, which means she has natural leadership qualities,” solestry expert Jane Sheehan noted in the piece. “She also has a short big toe, which indicates she’s a multitasker.”

But that’s not all, apparently.

“Her short little toe means a great sense of fun, and the fact it’s on its side points to someone who’s unconventional and rebellious. It’s not extreme, though, as it’s only a little on its side.”

Well, alrighty then. We agree that Meghan is definitely someone who does things her own way, but we’re not sure you really need to analyze her feet to come to that conclusion. Judging by the internet’s general reaction, we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

Bottom line: Whether you choose to believe in foot-reading or not, can we all agree to just leave Meghan and her feet alone? The inevitably cute shoes on her feet, though … now that’s something worth talking about! More of that, please!