iPhone 8

It’s iPhone 8 Day…and as you’d expect of any new Apple product launch, the news of major redesigns and cool new features owns the day. But despite all the cheers, jeers, and general debate around the iPhone 8 and everything it represents, it’s easy to overlook the software that’ll soon be running that beastly new device.

In a matter of weeks, Apple’s new iOS 11 will be running hundreds of thousands of iPhones and iPads everywhere, including those brand-spanking-new iPhone 8s. So, if you want to understand the OS that’ll be powering all the apps and other eye-popping extras running on that $1,000 piece of technology, get up close and personal with the Complete iOS 11 Developer Course and iOS Mastery training bundle. It’s on sale right now at over 90 percent off from TNW Deals.

In all, you’ll get five courses constructed to guide both novice and battle-tested coders through what works — and what doesn’t — with iOS 11.

Your study begins with a pair of mammoth courses, each sporting over 100 hours of instruction: The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course; and The Amazing iOS 11 Course.

With The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course, you’ll take a look at and work with the previous OS upgrades and standards before jumping into The Amazing iOS 11 Course. There, you’ll put together 30 different apps from the ground up as you get confident with your building skills.

Next, you’ll tackle game development with the SpriteKit: Build Practical Games course. Your training will show you how to code and design to build an assortment of games, including Breakout, Pong and Space Invaders clones. Meanwhile, the Ultimate tvOS Guide for Beginners: Learn to Code In Swift 3 and WatchOS Beginner Crash Course: Learn to Code In Swift 3 will have you crafting apps for use in Apple’s equally thriving Apple Watch and Apple TV environments.

This nearly $1,300 package of instruction is available now for only $29 with this limited time offer. Or take advantage of an even more exclusive, even more limited time deal to get the bundle even cheaper by entering the coupon code “iOS 11” at checkout to get an additional 11 percent off your purchase.