Justin Timberlake's interesting ensemble drew a wide range of reactions on Twitter.

Sunday night’s Super Bowl LII brought us some big moments people can’t stop talking about, like #selfiekid, Tom Brady’s jacket, and of course, Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance. Whether you loved or hated JT’s show, there was one aspect of it that had the Internet all sorts of confused — and that’s his outfit.

The “Man of the Woods” singer stepped onstage in an unusual getup that included a shirt with what appears to be an elk and mountains printed on it, an orange bandana tied around his neck, and lots of camo. At one point he was even wearing a fringed leather jacket.

The majority of Timberlake’s wardrobe was designed by Stella McCartney, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This included a “tailored Stella McCartney Prince of Wales check-and-camouflage splatter paint trouser and matching single-breasted jacket, crafted from repurposed wool” and “paired with Timberlake’s own personal bandana kerchief.”

“Then he’ll swap out the tailored jacket for a fringed nappa leather jacket. Both looks will be worn with an organic cotton button-front shirt featuring landscape artwork by British artist Martin Ridley, known for his paintings that feature wildlife such as geese and deer,” according to THR.

While it seems his ensemble was likely chosen to match the aesthetic of his latest album, the Internet couldn’t help but comment on it and crack a few jokes at the singer’s expense.