Image result for Fishtail brows and designer belly buttons are the internet’s latest trends

Well here are a couple new internet trends no one asked for.

Say so long to squiggle brows, and forget all about feather brows. It’s time for the fishtail.

The newest brow trend is making waves through Instagram. Even though it started out as a Photoshop thing, that’s not stopping people from trying to achieve the fishy look with a little makeup.

The good thing about this trend is you have options! You can do both brows or live the simple life with just one.

Fishtail brows aren’t the only crazy trend right now, but this one’s a little more permanent: designer belly buttons.

Turns out, plastic surgeons see $16 billion each year because people aren’t happy with their navels and have surgery to get them redone!

Listen y’all, every belly button is different. Don’t spend money trying to fix your outie.