Chrome OS is constantly evolving and solving sore points of the operating system. Now, it seems like Google is working on multiple account support for Chrome OS.

If you’ve ever tried to use a Chromebook full-time and have multiple accounts on Google to manage, you’ve probably run into the annoyance of having to swap out accounts. While browser functionality can easily add an extra account, Chrome OS apps can’t, and Android apps have the same problem. Now, the latest Chrome OS Canary release has a new option that might solve that issue.

First spotted by Chrome Story, there’s now an option in the settings menu of Chrome OS to view Google accounts connected to your profile, and through that setting, you can add multiple accounts to that profile. Of course, Chrome OS has supported multiple accounts through profiles for quite some time, but being able to add multiple accounts to a single profile is going to save a lot of trouble. Currently, the functionality is still in early days and doesn’t seem to be working yet, but we’re glad to see that it’s on the way.

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