If you have been granted a concealed weapons permit, you are responsible for concealing your weapon in public. In addition to choosing your firearm and holster, you should carefully choose your clothing so your weapon does not show.

Carry Position

Your entire wardrobe does not need to change just because you have decided to carry concealed. For example, you don’t need to change your pants if you choose to carry at the shoulders or off body, while an ankle or waist holster may require a shift in pant style and size. However, the size, style and fabric type may need adjustments if they cover your concealed weapon. For example, a CCW vest may be chosen for those who carry at the waist because these garments tend to have pockets or zippers for easy access and holsters built in. In addition, shoulder holsters typically require jackets or other outerwear for concealment.


If you carry at the waist, whether inside or outside the waist, you need the right tactical or leather belt. This belt should be strong enough to hold the weight of your weapon without bending or folding. In addition, it should be tight enough to secure your weapon to your waist without it shifting or bouncing. Belt clips that allow you to tuck your shirt in over your weapon may also be purchased as well.


Many companies make undergarments with concealed carry holsters built right in. These t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, corsets and compression shorts and pants are made to conceal your weapon. Their holsters are made using comfortable fabrics and strong elastic so your weapon is secured against your body.

Concealing your weapon is a must to protect yourself and the public. If you are uncomfortable in your concealed clothing, you are not likely to consistently carry your weapon, so choose comfortable clothing options and carry safely.