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Using data from social networks to understand and improve systems

In the course of our day-to-day lives, we produce vast amounts of data. Whether gathered through online communications platforms, tracking devices, or other sources, these data reveal information about our behavior, decisions, and preferences. Researchers can ultimately use the data to improve systems across a variety of

Twitter wins Thursday Night Football streaming rights (Update)

Twitter has scored a deal to live-stream Thursday night National Football League games, the NFL announced—a move that helps the social media group connect with new audiences. The streaming rights had been hotly contested, with Amazon, Verizon and others reportedly in the running to help the NFL

Your Old USB Flash Drive Could Help Fight North Korean Repression

A tiny USB memory stick is unlikely to bring down Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, but thousands upon thousands of them just might help enlighten the North Korean people to the freedoms enjoyed by the outside world, according to human-rights activists. The New York-based Human Rights Foundation and

Congress Approves Bill Making Internet Tax Ban Permanent

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed legislation placing a permanent ban on states’ taxing Internet access, sending the measure to President Barack Obama for signing into law. By a vote of 75-20, the Senate gave final approval to a bill toughening enforcement of U.S. duties on foreign

Inventor of Email, Ray Tomlinson, Dies

Raytheon Co., his employer, on Sunday confirmed his death; the details were not immediately available. Email existed in a limited capacity before Tomlinson in that electronic messages could be shared amid multiple people within a limited framework. But until his invention in 1971 of the first network

Hackers attack Verizon’s anti data breach division, access information of 1.5 million customers

Verizon’s anti-hacking task force called Verizon Enterprise Solutions was hit by hackers. Over 1.5 million customers’ data was stolen from the division, which is responsible for providing cybersecurity solutions to Fortune 500 companies. The breach was first reported by independent cybersecurity researcher Brian Krebs. The hacker/s, who

Build 2016: how to watch the live streams and what happened on Day 1

Today, Microsoft showed off what it’s been cooking up for Windows, Xbox One and evenHoloLens at its annual developer conference, Build 2016. While it’s largely aimed at the folks that make the apps you use every day, Microsoft is broadcasting the conference’s two major keynotes straight from

Truecaller fixes bug that could expose personal details of over 100 million users

Number tracking app Truecaller has fixed a bug in its Android app which could potentially allow hackers to retrieve personal information of users and change details – including call block settings – without a user’s consent. The company, however, claimed that no information was compromised due to

Brussels attack: Encryption and Snowden to blame for intelligence failures claims William Hague

William Hague: ‘The care taken by the Brussels murderers to leave no digital trail is a sign of strict and thorough training.’Reuters Former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has claimed that recent terrorist atrocities in Brussels show ‘the need to crack’ terrorist communications, citing strong encryption and

Internet privacy campaigners warn Snooper’s Charter will cost UK more than £1bn

UK’s ambitious Snooper’s Charter could cost Home Office £1bnGetty Images Collection of web browsing histories of every UK citizen under the proposed Snooper’s Charter or the Draft Communications Data Bill, proposed by Home Secretary Theresa May, will cost the Home Office more than £1bn ($1.43bn), according to estimates