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Twitter will livestream the ‘Suicide Squad’ NYC premiere

After livestreaming the Democratic National Convention, Wimbledon andMLB and NHL games, Twitter is diving into the entertainment space with a stream of the Suicide Squad red carpet premiere in NYC. It’ll kick off at 6 PM tonight from the Beacon Theater, Variety reports,and the stream itself will

Facebook and Twitter try to attract YouTube stars with ad money

Ask a YouTube star why they don’t share videos directly to Facebook or Twitter and they’ll probably tell you that there’s no money in it — they make far more from YouTube ads and sponsored clips. The social networks are doing something about that, though. Bloomberg understands

Android will tell you when new devices access your Google account

If you have a Google account, few things are more disconcerting than getting a notice that an unfamiliar device just got access… especially when you only got the notice while checking your email considerably later. You might not miss that vital heads-up after today, though. Google isintroducing

No greater codes: a way to authenticate your Google signal-in with just a tap

Multi-issue authentication is an essential a part of maintaining your on line accounts secure, however the procedure is notoriously cumbersome. textual content messages, code generators, and so on considerably slow down the technique of logging in, however Google is attempting to streamline the project through permitting you

Microsoft claims facet promises 70% greater battery lifestyles than Chrome

Microsoft’s edge browser has been trailing in phrases of adoption and usage, whilst home windows 10 has won growing marketplace share. The agency has launched an legitimate report documenting the strength performance benefits of using edge, the new browser it debuted with home windows 10, in part

Google Rolls Out Free Gigabit Internet Service to Public Housing

Many of us might take high-speed Internet access for granted, but for low-income folks it’s a luxury they simply can’t afford. Google hopes to pick up some of that slack. The company on Wednesday began rolling out a program that will provide free, super-fast Internet connections to

Libya, France Drop Furthest in Annual Internet Freedom Ranking

China leads the list of worst offenders in a new report documenting the decline of Internet freedom around the world in the past year — but surveillance and the role of tech companies are driving debate in all countries, the authors said. Libya, France and Ukraine dropped

The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out

The Internet as we know it is now officially too big for its britches. The organization that assigns IP addresses in North America — the numbers that identify every computer, smartphone and device connected to the Internet — ran out of numbers overnight Wednesday. It’s not the

Experts crack nasty ransomware that locks your PC and your backup

Petya, a brutal piece of malware, surfaced two weeks ago. It’s a mean bit of crypto-extortion that hits its victims where it hurts: right in your startup drive. Because it encrypts your master boot file, if attacked, not only will you be unable to start up your

Mobile chat apps Line, Kakao flourishing among young Asians

Forget Facebook and Twitter. Two of Asia’s biggest social media players, Kakao Talk and Line, are growing by making mobile messaging apps an integral part of the lives of young Asians who prefer to communicate more privately instead of shouting out in virtual arenas and risking troubles