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Google Fiber’s Long, Tough Road Is Full of Twists and Turns

Alphabet has been facing significant roadblocks in expanding Google Fiber into new U.S. cities, in part due to significant competitive and legal challenges from incumbent broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast.   The companies currently are embroiled in a dispute over access to utility poles in Nashville,

LinuxCon: How Facebook Monitors Hundreds of Thousands of Servers with Netconsole

Facebook is among the largest users of Linux and open source in the world, as the company relies on them to run and maintain its operations. At the LinuxCon conference here, Calvin Owens, production engineer at Facebook, detailed how the social networking giant makes use of the

VMware Expands Photon Platform for Cloud-Native Deployments

Back in April 2015, VMware first announced Project Photon, providing users with a VMware-built Linux container host. The idea behind Photon was further expanded at the VMworld 2015 event, and now in 2016 it’s the basis of at least one commercial product, with another on the way.

US to hand over control of the internet naming system as of 1 October

The US will finally be handing over the naming system of the World Wide Web more specifically known as the Domain Naming System or DNS to nonprofit organisation Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), on 1 October. The confirmation brings to an end the 20-year

Nasa makes all research free to the public in fight against academic journal paywalls

What’s the point of research, if hardly anyone can read it? Nasa has decided to make all of the scientific research it funds available for the general public to access for free from a new public web portal, even if the research originates from a peer-reviewed journal

Google to penalise sites that use annoying pop-up ads on mobiles

Google has decided to punish mobile sites that use intrusive pop-up ads by ranking them low and not figuring them prominently on search results. The move is an attempt to make search easier for users. However, it is likely to affect business like news websites and e-commerce

MIT scientists develop groundbreaking new WiFi that’s three-times faster

Scientists at MIT claim to have created a new wireless technology that can triple Wi-Fi data speeds while also doubling the range of the signal. Dubbed MegaMIMO 2.0, the system will shortly enter commercialisation and could ease the strain on our increasingly crowded wireless networks. Spectrum crunch

The past, present and possible future of Yahoo

The past, present and future of Yahoo In 2016, nostalgia is big business. Millions of people have been queuing up to see Ghostbusters, while Pokémon is back with such a vengeance it appears to be transforming society as we know it. But it is US mobile giant

BT gets another chance to fix its broadband: Here’s what it means for you

Ofcom, BT and OpenReach – what this means to you BT used to like to tell us that “it’s good to talk”, but this morning it probably wasn’t the happiest of phone calls with the telecoms regulator Ofcom, which has told BT that it needs to seriously

This security threat has hit almost half of UK businesses and it will get worse

A new piece of research has found that approaching half of all businesses have been hit by aransomware attack over the last year. The study from Malwarebytes questioned over 500 IT leaders from companies across the UK and Germany, as well as Canada and the US, and