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2020 Web Design Trends

It’s that time of year again! 2019 has come to a close and 2020 is in full swing! It’s time to take an educated guess at what is going to be big in web design for the upcoming year. Here’s what we think we’re going to see

Watchman Software Raising Concerns About Privacy

For many years, Watchman security software from Rekor Systems has been available for commercial use by businesses and even police departments as a means to track license plates and for general security purposes. Just a few days ago, Rekor Systems released the Watchman security software for consumer

Your doctor’s computer may have suggested opioids because drugmakers paid to tweak the software, DOJ says

San Francisco-based medical records startup Practice Fusion allegedly developed software for pharmaceutical companies to help increase the number of prescriptions doctors wrote for pain medications, according to a settlement with the US Department of Justice, Bloomberg reports. The company, which supplied its software to tens of thousands of doctors

Crank Software and NXP partners on embedded GUI design

With the promise to make the development of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUI) easier for customers, Crank Software and NXP Semiconductors have joined forces on a novel SDK. The latest release of the NXP MCUXpresso software development kit (SDK) includes Crank Storyboard, providing NXP customers with direct

Are Condolences Really Best Shared On Social Media

Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) 2015 GETTY IMAGES Within hours – if not sooner – of the announcement of the death of former NBA basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, who along with his 13-year-old daughter was killed in a tragic

The Army’s Investigative Unit Wants Social Media Exploitation Services

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command conducts extensive probes into threats against the military branch and its personnel. This week, insiders unveiled their intent to glean new mission-relevant evidence through the forensic analysis of social media posts. According to a solicitation published Thursday, CID aims to acquire access to “social

Super Bowl Ads Continue To Score On Social Media

Mr. Peanut, the anthropomorphic peanut known for his top hat, monocle and cane, tragically died this week at age 104. This was of course part of an ad campaign from Planters, the American snack-food company and division of Kraft Foods. In the spot, which was produced by

Agencies may need court order to trace social media messages

Bengaluru | New Delhi: The upcoming regulations to monitor social media content will require law enforcement agencies to obtain a court order before they can direct internet platforms to trace messages back to the originator, according to two government officials aware of the draft rules. The new

These 3 Software Stocks Can Climb Higher in 2020, Says Top Investing Firm

The tech sector is a powerful engine in today’s economy, driving jobs and innovation, profits and returns. And it’s no wonder why – tech is the key to the modern world, changing our lives and informing all that we do. Yes, the economy still runs on oil

You may have to verify your identity on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Users of popular social media platforms will soon have to verify their online identity. These include apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and even WhatsApp. Such apps and websites will also have to develop an identity verification mechanism. The IT ministry is currently working on new social media guidelines. The new