If you’re a web designer or simply working in any aspect of the tech industry, then you should have SEO as one of your top priorities in terms of helping your clients see real returns on their investments. A lot of us are very talented at making websites of all types sparkle with professional glitz, but what good will it do your clients if they’re website is stellar but no one ever can find it?

We all know that no one ever goes past the first Google search result page, and that can make ranking for certain searches extremely competitive. But as tech junkies we know software solutions, and we’re very lucky to have partnered up with a reputable seo reseller to help us compile this list of 5 software programs that are helping web designers and digital marketers of all types in terms of SEO strategies and getting clients the results they are looking for.

So take it from the experts that the following software programs are the ones you should be looking into to get a leg up on your competition, and an extra boost of confidence with your clients!

Moz Pro

This is one of the most popular SEO companies in the world, and their program that was originally created in 2004 has seen countless updates that have kept the software on the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry. You’ll be able to keep tabs on all your keyword rankings for several sites, do your own keyword research, evaluate and create back links throughout the web with assistance, do site crawls, and a lot more.

This software program is part of a major corporation with hundreds of thousands of small business clients, so if you are looking to expand your small business and make your company’s growth a little more manageable then this program could be a perfect match. They have cheaper packages that run from $99/month, and go up to $250/month.

Some companies and tech junkies may deem this rather expensive for an SEO tool, but if you do a 30-day free trial you’ll undoubtedly see that this program is worth every penny!


SEMrush is one of the best marketing toolkit programs out there, and that’s because it really helps digital marketers with an array of different necessary tasks that help them get the results them and their clients are looking for. It’s also an older program dating back to 2008, and since then it has grown its client base to over a million companies!

One of the best features of this program is its ability to provide competitor data, which can be extremely valuable in terms of conducting your own link building strategies and increasing your organic traffic. As web designers and tech aficionados, it’s crucial to understand what your competitors are doing so you can get a leg up on them. And another great aspect of this program is that it audits your back links so you can see which ones are working well and which ones you should abandon.

You can also get assistance with keyword research, comparing domains, reports/audits, and monitoring and traffic insights. This program is also a little bit cheaper than some of the other competitors out there, and for the most part people pay around $99/month.

Advanced Web Ranking

The whole concept of this program is to help all aspects of SEO be a little bit easier for small businesses, and more and more SEO professionals are choosing this program in recent years for its adaptability and overall usefulness.

This program helps with things like competitor analysis, link building, keyword research, optimization and ranking, and general reporting. The concept of this program is to help you spend less time and money on reporting analytics and information and more time on helping your clients with their rankings.

The advanced reporting feature of this program helps set it apart from some of the others in this list, and these reports will always provide your clients with real, engaging data that will ultimately be an insightful source of information and planning.

Advanced Web Ranking is also one of the very best auditing software programs in the industry, and it makes getting the necessary information you need to start campaigns easier so you can get the ball rolling and get back to clients with a game plan faster.

This program also does a wonderful job in terms of helping clients with their link building, and it can help you figure out where to get easy backlinks with high domain authority, which is a very valuable feature for just about everyone.

The prices vary, but for the most part it’s only $199 for a standard package!


This program should also be at the very top of your list of options as a web designer or tech industry professional, and this is because WEB CEO has become renowned in terms of helping companies of all types with SEO success.

The keyword suggestion tool is one of the very best features with this program, and it can assist with the time consuming effort of keyword research in helping you identify the most relevant keywords your clients should be targeting. Also the fact that this program helps localize rankings for clients is one of the ways it is set apart from other competitors.

The link building tools in this program are also second to none, and they can help clients of all types in terms of finding quality links and seeing what links competitors are obtaining.

The content submission tool in this program also helps people with spreading their content across the web to help promote link building initiatives.

Rank Tracker

This last software program that we are going to talk about is also one of the very best SEO solutions on the marketplace, and one great feature of this program is that it will automatically alert you if there are any issues going on with any of your clients’ sites and campaigns. This is very valuable because it helps you correct any mistakes or issues quickly so you can remain on the up-and-up with keyword rankings.

This program is very similar to the other programs we’ve already talked about in terms of its features and tools, and one interesting feature in this program is its ability to track success across several platforms, including mobile, desktops and tablets. There are some limitations to this program as you compare it to some of the other programs on this list, and the main one is its lack of link building insights.