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Compatibility issues can arise with operating system upgrades

 I received a regular Win 10 update, and a pop-up now comes up each time I boot up. The pop-up says, “7&Taskbar Tweaker could not load library.” I click OK, and everything seems to be normal. Do you know a quick fix that prevents the pop-up? A: When

Resolving Leap Second Issues In Azure, AWS And Other Systemsb

While most of us are sound asleep on June 30, our computers and GPS systems will insert an extra second into our lives. It doesn’t seem like much, but a single second that was not planned for is enough to cause some interesting problems for computer systems.

Adobe issues emergency patch for Flash bug

Adobe has issued an emergency patch for its Flash media player that closes loopholes in the widely used software. In its security advisory, Adobe said one of the bugs was being actively exploited in a “limited number of targeted attacks”. In total, the patch closes 23 separate