Forget Samsung, Google Pixel XL 2 will also feature Always On display

Forget Samsung, Google Pixel XL 2 will also feature Always On display

While the image hinted towards an almost bezel-less display on Google Pixel XL 2, fresh information has popped up regarding the device. According to a report by XDA Developers, the Google smartphone will arrive with an ‘Always On’ display mode, multiple display profiles, and ability to use squeeze features even when the screen is not active.

The Ambient display feature that will work in the same manner as it does on Samsung’s new smartphones. The highlight of the Always On Display is the ability to have the display enabled but display just a little information to show you the updates. This means it will also display useful information and notifications when the handset is not active. To remind you, this feature was spotted in the code of the Android O Developer Preview 3. So albeit indirectly, it was suggested that the upcoming Pixel smartphones, which will be running Android O, would sport this feature.

On the downside, this feature is believed to incur some extent of battery drain. This feature could have been included at the beginning itself but if Google does not push through, there will be numerous ways to get the same via the third-party apps.

In addition, Google has also been rumored to include sRGB mode into the display settings. Previously, this mode was only accessible through Developer options. Apart from that, there is likely to be an option called “Vivid Colors”.


iPhone 8 leak shows vertical dual rear camera and bezel-less display

iPhone 8 leak shows vertical dual rear camera and bezel-less display

The iPhone 8 has been circulating in rumors and speculations for quite some time. We have already seen a slew of renders, leaked features, etc. that have given us an idea of what to expect from the anniversary special edition to be launched by Apple.

The latest one regarding the iPhone 8 comes from the Twitter user @OnLeaks with a good track record on revealing smartphone related information so far. The user has come up with two leaked photos that show the lack of a home button. Without the physical home button at the front, it is clear that the fingerprint scanner will be positioned elsewhere. However, the picture does not show the presence of a fingerprint sensor at the rear of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 leak shows vertical dual rear camera and bezel-less display

As the leaked images do not show the presence of the fingerprint sensor at the front and rear, there is a possibility for the same to be embedded into the display as revealed by the earlier rumors. In that case, the iPhone 8 will be the second smartphone to feature such a technology, given that Vivo has already announced such a phone.

Talking about the other aspects, the device seems to have a vertical dual camera setup at its rear. Apple launched the yesteryear flagship – iPhone 7 Plus with two rear camera lenses positioned horizontally. Now, Apple seems to have chosen a vertical design for the camera.

Furthermore, the design seems to have narrow bezels and there are claims that the display could be an OLED panel. There appears to be a sensor bar at the top and it might point out at the use of facial recognition in the upcoming smartphone.

While several previous rumors point out at the presence of support for wireless charging in the iPhone 8, there is no confirmation regarding the same for now. Moreover, the iPhone 8 appears to be made of glass that too indicates the possibility for wireless charging support.

The iPhone 8 is slated to be launched in September despite the claims that it might be delayed due to the implementation of the fingerprint sensor into the display. It is believed that the smartphone will be launched in September and go on sale later this year.



You can cut this display with scissors

Want a display that can take any shape? You might not need a factory to cut it for you in the future — you may only need a pair of scissors and a steady hand. Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science has developed a flexible, organic/metal hybrid polymer display that you can cut without wrecking it. The technology only needs a few seconds of power to adjust to its new shape, and it even maintains its last information when you switch it off, a lot like e-paper.

The existing design only displays in one color and has a limited display area. It’s easy to see the practical purposes even now, though. You could make your own clothes with integrated displays, or craft smart wearables that fit the exact shape of your wrist. The researchers also envision a world where you could change the colors of car interiors, sunglasses and windows thanks to displays that fit just about anything. Any such breakthrough is undoubtedly years away, but the very fact that it’s a possibility is noteworthy.

[Source: Engagdget]

Acer Announces Aspire Switch 12 With Broadwell-Y Processor And 1080p Display

Today, Acer announced the successor of its multi-mode “Acer Switch 10” laptop from last year, which could be used as a tablet, as a notebook, as a display with the screen facing away, or as a “tent.” The new Switch 12 seems to be a little less crazy, but it can still be used as a notebook with its keyboard attached, it can be docked with its keyboard detached from it, or as a tablet that you can take in your hands.

These multi-mode devices don’t usually come for “free,” though, and there are some disadvantages as well. One would be price. Adding the dock and a detachable keyboard costs more than simply creating an integrated laptop. The inclusion of a touchscreen will make it considerably more expensive than a non-touch notebook, as well.

If you intend to use it as a tablet, the Switch 12 could also be up to twice as heavy as a normal tablet because of its attached dock, the keyboard (if you attach it), and because it has a larger size than other “large” 10″ tablets out there. (It features a 12.5″ display and a body large enough to accommodate it.)

Unlike the Switch 10 which came with an Atom CPU, the new Switch 12 received an Intel Core M 5Y10a/Broadwell-Y processor, which is the successor of previous Haswell-Y chips that weren’t used too much in notebooks because of their too-low performance. The Broadwell-Y chip should still be significantly faster than Switch 10’s Atom Z3745, but considering it’s still a Haswell-Y successor and that it’s restricted to under 10W TDP, it should be much slower than a Broadwell-based Core i5 chip. However, that class of chips won’t ship until later next year.

The Switch 12 also comes with a higher resolution than the Switch 10, featuring a Full HD 1080p resolution, rather than the old 1366 x 768 resolution. The notebook has 4 GB of RAM, and Acer gives you a choice between 60 GB and 120 GB of SSD storage. The device will run Windows 8.1.

Acer said the Switch 12 will start shipping in North America in Q1 2015, but it hasn’t revealed the pricing. Going by its more powerful and more expensive processor, the bigger screen with higher resolution, and a doubling in SSD storage, the device could cost significantly more than the Switch 10’s initial price of $380.

[Source:- Tomshardware]