Blue is so last build of Windows 10 Insider Preview. As part of build 14997, Insiders will now get a green screen of death. The change in color will reportedly roll out to all users next year.

The change may be for Microsoft techs, more than just for aesthetics. If the team sees a green screen online they will reportedly instantly be recognizable as a priority.

Microsoft senior program manager for Windows, Matthijs Hoekstra hinted at the change, but it was found in the wild by @chris123NT Twitter user.

Build 14997 will also come with a blue-light reduction feature, the ability to enable Cortana during the initial setup phase, app folders for Start Menu and improvements to Microsoft Edge tab management. Note: This build has not officially been released to the public, so we wouldn’t recommend downloading it from an unsecured third-party.



[Source:- Tomsitpro]