TinyOwl is amongst numerous food delivery businesses in India that have lately run into operative troubles despite the provision from marquee depositors. TinyOwl Technology Pvt Ltd found itself in a situation, where the tiny owl food orderingstartup was brought under control by Roadrunnr, a local food delivery startup. In spite of raising $23 million backings from Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, and Matrix Partners in 2014, it fired 300 staff the next year, which was the TinyOwl big mistake ever. Finally, In 2016, it shuts down its nation-wide processes, except in tiny owl Mumbai.

More About TinyOwl App:

TinyOwl app was originated by 5 IIT graduates — Harshvardhan Mandad, Gaurav Choudhary, Shikhar Paliwal, Saurabh Goyal, and Tanuj Khandelwal in 2014. Their principal asset was 25 million, which was raised by well-known Venture Capital companies such as Nexus Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, and Sequoia Capital in their sequence ‘A’ TinyOwl funding. Henceforth the TinyOwl food ordering app faced no problems when it came to the capital.

The main clue behind raising a stage like TinyOwl com was to generate value for all investors in the food network and restaurant that comprises the staff, restaurant owners, dealers and obviously, the customers. The restaurant landlords’ benefit, creating the TinyOwl app a strong advertising means for them as they can aim users based on preferences and location.

Coming to the field, the app did nearly all that it could. It’s a basic and neighborly UI, the continually refreshed menus and costs, everything made the app simple, helpful, and dependable to utilize. 

At the point when you open the app, it distinguishes your area and gives you a rundown of close-by eateries. You would then be able to pick your dishes/food from the menu and submit the request by giving subtleties on where to discover you. You have choices to pay by means of card/money. It additionally gives you the comfort of following the conveyance. 

The app gave not simply the food menus, it depicts each dish and gives you the culinary specialist’s profile. Recommendations dependent on your past decisions were additionally given.

TinyOwl Big Mistakes That Causes Fall:

With the possibility of an enormous team of staffs and processes running in cities like

  1. TinyOwl Mumbai
  2. TinyOwl Delhi
  3. TinyOwl Bangalore
  4. TinyOwl Hyderabad
  5. TinyOwl Chennai and
  6. TinyOwl Pune

No one could ever imagine that TinyOwl may face failure in the way it did. There are a lot of people who maybe aren’t aware, but TinyOwl’s sad failure was an example to be taken a lesson from one of the main startups in India. The firm shut down in the year 2016 when it was won by Roadrunnr funding. However, unlike several other firms, it’s fiascos can’t be accredited to exterior factors. It was eaten from the inside for some silly yet TinyOwl big mistakes.

TinyOwl big mistakes are as follows

No. 1 Tinyowl Big Mistake

Since the time it submitted the wrongdoing of over-employing, it was planning for its pulverization. Over-recruiting is a typical slip-up with new businesses and TinyOwl big mix-up comprises of that. Despite the fact that it terminated 300 workers in September 2015, the effectively shrouded setback kept on frequenting.

No. 2 Tinyowl Big Mistake

In November 2015, it started the second round of cuts. Mandad was prompted not to save so near Diwali. Yet, the cuts were reported. Furthermore, that was the second TinyOwl big slip-up.

No. 3 Tinyowl Big Mistake

Toward the finish of 2015, TinyOwl big mix-up advanced toward obliteration. It employed the main innovation official. Akash Saxena joined Tiny Owl as its CTO for Rs 1.5 crores a year and a joining reward of Rs 50 lakhs.

No. 4 Tinyowl Big Mistake

It went to do a dish-based collection framework. That resembled on the off chance that you open the app — it will mention to you what’s the present dish, and would give you choices on where you could arrange it from. The thought turned wrong because of an absence of specialized angles. There was not really any man-made brainpower utilized, no information investigation was there and the rotate failed with only under five requests every day.

No. 5 Tinyowl Big Mistake

Directly toward the start of 2016, it started the groundwork for transgression number five — A territory-based food conglomeration, like what Grofers runs in the staple. In this model, TinyOwl needed to pay for the coordinations of get-together food from different cafés. That cost a lot for the helpless child.


For the region-based food total arrangement, more money was required and all tops of the offices were advised to secure new positions. Subsequently Homemade, the main arm of TinyOwl broke and disintegrated.