This Startup is Breathing Life into Storytelling of Brands

The startup boom is evident not just globally but in the Indian digital landscape as well. Given the sheer number of new startups and entrepreneurs attempting to enter the industry every day, it’s natural that not everyone can start with a silver spoon. A lot of startups are founded by engineers with strong technical skills in their particular field, and little artistic or creative selling skills, which makes the process of their acceptance and popularity difficult. Even the greatest business ideas fizzle down before becoming popular if they are unable to present a brilliant marketing pitch to investors and eventually to their customers.

Here’s where design intermediaries come in play, like BICAD Media which follows a unique story-telling approach to startups and brands. Their creative utilities include digital pitch decks crafted on cloud presentation software Prezi.

The creative design agency infuses the power of design based thinking and storytelling into startups and brands. The arsenal includes beautiful pitch decks crafted on Prezi, delightful UI for apps and websites, compelling content marketing designs, and branding projects.

Their pitch decks have created a remarkable impression for our clients amongst notable investors in stages like SXSW, Venture Atlanta, and 36|86 Nashville, winning several accolades and eventually closing seed/Series A rounds.

Services offered

Design services are offered in all forms of digital space but their niche has been mainly ‘Pitch Decks’ and ‘Mobile Apps’. Even the most complex startup pitches are claimed to be tackled with sheer clarity. Everybody hates cluttered, bullet-pointed slides and everyone loves the art of storytelling that flows seamlessly and creating an emotional connection with the investors/customers, which is what they aim to achieve.

Additionally, they provide excellent pitch practice and Prezi training sessions to their clients to ensure they nail their presentations.

Feather in their caps

  • Assisted PartPic to win 1st Prize in the prestigious SXSW this year with their creative pitch deck
  • Winning the World #1 Prezi pitch deck award in Budapest beating 360+ entries
  • Quoted by client to be the “Pixar of Pitch Decks”

Personalized services for each startup

Going an extra mile for their clients to ensure they are also helping them craft a engrossing story apart from the visual aspect is their USP.  They first collaborate with their clients to learn about their vision and then proceed with the structure and style accordingly. The aim is to turn the most complex, hardware related, non-sexy and hard-to-crack clients and give their decks a human communicative touch. An emotional connection with the investors and customers alike ensures brilliant sales and responses.


[Source:- Entrepreneur]