Image result for Steam Hardware survey for September 2016 shows drop in Windows 10 usage

Yesterday, we reported that NetMarketShare’s latest market share report showed a decline in Windows 10 market share, while Windows 7 saw an increase. Today, Valve have released their latest Steam Hardware & Software survey, which shows overall usage of desktop operating systems on its Steam gaming platform, of those who opted to share usage statistics. For the past few months, Windows 10 usage had been on the increase, until now.

Steam Hardware survey September 2016 – click to enlarge

Corroborating NetMarketShare’s report, Steam also shows a drop in Windows 10 usage, a drop of 0.05%.  Windows 10 64-Bit usage increased by 0.04%, however, the 32-Bit edition dropped by 0.09%, leading to the overall decline of 0.05%.

While this is not a significant change, it does further confirm that Windows 10 share is either decreasing or stalling.

Interestingly, Windows 8.1 64-Bit usage increased by  0.09%, followed by Windows 7 usage dropping by 0.26%, which goes against NetMarketShare’s statistics showing an increase in Windows 7 use.

Looking at the overall picture, Windows usage decreased by 0.33% to 95.38%. Whereas OSX, now macOS, increased by 0.25% to 3.59%. Linux also saw an increase, by 0.11% to 0.94%.



[Source:- Winbeta]