The FS Untitled micro-site is a digital playground packed with typographic experiments. Designed by The Space Between for London-based type foundryFontsmith to advertise their new typeface of the same name, the site consists of dozens of experiments, from dynamic 3D typography, to interactive games.

The typeface itself, FS Untitled, is designed for use on screen, and features a wide-range of weights, so most of the experiments exploit that, easing from one weight to another. The playground shows off the flexibility of the typeface, and each of the experiments can be switched, from regular, to italic type. Graphically, the experiments are bold and colorful.

Some of our favorite experiments include FS Dare, FS Zombie (top score 34500), FS Afterlife, FS Metropolis, FS Boom, and FS Dare.

The idea of designing and building 48 unique interactive scenes seemed like sheer madness. But it has been a really exciting project and we think all the hard work has paid off. — Steve Jones, The Space Between

The site is successful because it’s simple to use, and encourages you to explore; while you’re exploring you’re also examining the product on offer in great detail.

The best thing about the FS Untitled site, is that it’s proof-positive that web design does not need to limit itself to Bootstrap-style horizontal bands, and 12 column grid systems, in order to sell a product; if your target demographic is receptive, the web offers the opportunity to be both creative, and successful.


[Source:- webdesignerdepot]